5 tips how to use your time wisely

       Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “5 tips how to use your time wisely”, the reason why I choose that topic because many people regret when they lost opportunity, lost hope, lost love, lost maturity and lost of self-esteem, at this article I will share something that matter to increase our self-awareness, as we can know that human can’t control the time because it’s beyond of our control, our plan in this life is how to make sure our attempt value will multiple our self-confidence in every single day without being interrupted by external cause, that's why in daily life we need to do something priority in order to let the human's creativity really works, to make our life grows better day by day, we need to discipline our perception, discipline our judgment and discipline our desire, that’s biggest challenge where most people try to avoid, in my opinion; to keep away our life journey from undesired destination, we must not focus on expectation and change our focus to the type of masterpiece we have created, at this moment, let me share about 5 tips to use time wisely, here is the first step how to use your time wisely; recognize this phrase “you run the day or it runs you”, means, if you don't do what you already commit, your time will burn your opportunity because you betray your commitment, you only have 1 option, “do it now or never finish it”.

     Here is the second step how to use your time wisely; don’t create the same mistake level in many times, means, you should not need to create the same mistake in many times because it can obstruct you during making a better future, our time is 24 hour, if we stay casually with those mistakes, we will run behind the progress and we will never pursue the target, in my opinion; don’t go associate with group of people who don’t give you a higher value or can't motivate you to become a better person, remember this; the unproductive person always blames the situation and start whining about what he can't finish, here I give you an advice "don't create mistake, but create a masterpiece although it doesn't work at this present", sometimes a great masterpiece can be utilized when reality begins to work, please don't think about time, but consider about your life planhere is the third step how to use your time wisely; concentrate to where you are now, means, you don’t need to go somewhere you don’t belong with, it will waste your time, you just need to focus what you are passionate and develop your skill set at the position you are now.

      Here is the fourth step how to use your time wisely; learn to say “no” to everyone if you commit with your plan, means, you need to negotiate with everyone's invitation because not all invitation is suitable to create a better relationship, as long as there is no an emergency call, you can keep continuing your life plan, here is the fifth step how to use your time wisely; appreciate about little progress from your daily activity, means, every progress is your daily achievement, make sure every day you create achievement in your daily activity because it will help you to negotiate with the life's challenge or undesired destination, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.