6 tips to rule the art of conversation

         Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “6 tips to rule the art of conversation”, the reason why I choose that topic because not many people can master the art of conversation, some people prefer to speak about general topic secretly than speak little bit louder about the truth because they think what they express can offend what most people feel, besides that, many people are not sure about their own face expression whether their speaking ways is really suitable or not with other people’s emotional need, most people prefer to keep silent rather than expressing their mistake experience, if we want to rule the art of conversation, we need to go beyond the ordinary conversation class, in this article, let me give you some tips how to rule the art of conversation; here is the first tip how to rule the art of conversation; lead with a compliment, this strategy will not make the conversation’s atmosphere is boring because you lead the conversation with a compliment, here is the key; most people around 85% wait for compliment, you should find the specific area from other people who you are speaking with, remember this note; giving a compliment doesn’t mean it will be used to persuade people to buy your service / product, every compliment isn’t equaled with the art of  persuading, compliment is giving high appreciation about the human’s authentic value.

    The second tip how to rule the art of conversation; embrace with small talk, means, sometimes you need to adapt with type of different people’s class, when you meet with new person, don’t talk about your reputation or your competence skills first because not everyone needs it, sometimes you need to invite new topic what most people interest to talk rather than you suddenly jump into a serious talksthe third tip how to rule the art of conversation; ask lots of questions, sometimes ask lots of questions can attract new idea and encourage other people to bring more inspiration story, so asking lots of question is not the bad thing because you will open up new insight from the questions you make, so don’t be shy when you ask lots of question because it doesn’t represent your weaknessesthe fourth tip how to rule the art of conversation; be historical reviewer, this strategy can become one of biggest asset to rule the conversation because not everyone can master the historical reviewer, some people prefer to talking a chit chat rather than talking about the intense conversation mode, the more knowledge you earn, the conversation will be more interesting because you add more value to the opponent speaker.

         The fifth tip how to rule the art of conversation; enliven the conversation with some enlightenment, means, you can start to offer your life experience to the opponent speaker by bringing a new insight, as we know that a life journey is full of complexity and full of mysterious thing, sometimes we need to share the topic of life enlightenment in order to prolong the quality of conversation, maybe there are some people are feeling awkward at the first time, but when they already adapt with the topic of life enlightenment, they will find something new in this life because they get new lesson where they don't get from their school, remember this note; every single person has a pain story, I am optimistic most people must be looking forward for finding a solution where it can cure their emotional content, they think their emotional need is a far cry important than the ordinary conversation, if you want to rule the art of conversation, don't let your ego dominates your conscience, most people around 85% wait the signal to receive some the topic of life enlightenment from the opponent speaker because they hope there is a mutual trust from the conversation, we need to add value if we want to make ourselves worth remembering, here I leave you with the quote "love doesn't break the heart, but egos definitely do it"the sixth tip how to rule the art of conversation; don't let your ego talks when the conversation is made, the main reason why you need to avoid it because it will hurt anybody who meets with this kind of conversation, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.