Change begins with choice

    Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “change begins with choice”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t believe that their future can change by making new choice, so I didn’t get surprised when people comment such thing because they have missed the golden ticket where they should have learned it when they were childhood, the word “the golden ticket” means, a rare opportunity where it is designed by Almighty God long time ago before human existed, this rare opportunity often reincarnates as becoming a special ability and this rare opportunity can guide people to find their life purpose and this rare opportunity can guide people how to live peacefully until they pass away, the golden ticket can't be attracted by the mediocre skill, the golden ticket needs strong will, enthusiasm, dedication, consistency, discipline, integrity and endurance skill to endure pain for long period of time, from this article, you can learn how to make a choice and you can let your choice can give you several paths how to live with your own way, besides that, from the decision, you can learn how to hold responsibility and take new risk because this life will never inform whether you will make misfortune or you will make fortune. 

     Here what I believe; life will respond after we create decision, "if there is no decision, we create indecision", if there is indecision, life will put us to the destination where we never enjoy with the happiness state, all activities we have chosen in this life is accumulated by our daily habit which hinges on our faith level, remember this note; faith doesn’t equal with consciousness mind, faith is the spirit activity which ensures you to keep doing what you believe with your subconsciousness mind, basically our life pattern we have designed so far comes from quality of  our faith, every decision we make depends on something we pull from the philosophy, if we choose something pleasure and easy to get in this world, our faith tend to attract the negative influence and it will form the philosophy we believe, before we make choice, we must ensure our philosophy stay in line with our life purpose first, our circumstance now is accumulated by philosophy and life purpose we create in long period of time, here is my daily note; don't let your choice will create procrastination and regret in the future, that's important thing.

      Remember this; everything that can be measured, we can improve it soon, means, in this life we will get many obstacles, adversity, mistake, rejection and many unaccepted things by our consciousness mind, if we can measure our work based on life purpose, we can create big differencehere is my research; we can develop our life journey to be significant as long as we accept what our subconscious mind really hates and our life journey will get stuck when we love what God forbids such as drinking alcohol, free sex, drugs, rob, rape, kill an innocent, eat the amphibian, eat fanged animal, eat a meat-eating animals, and make any destruction, in either land, sea or air, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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