How to help your children focus

       Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to help your children focus”, the reason why I choose that topic because the school education system doesn’t teach how to strengthen children’s focus, besides that, I want to see all children can recognize their golden potential once their focus are trained since childhood, this article will remind all parents to focus how to strengthen their children’s mental growth, at this moment I will share some tips, hopefully it will give you an opportunity how to make close relationship with your children, here is the first tip how to help your children focus; invite children to work together in daily routine activity and be consistent, means, when you do something at home regularly such as cleaning the house or sweeping the floor or emptying the dustbin, etc. Make sure your children are watching it and inviting them to join, so when you forget to do it, your children will learn how to care their environment at home, here is the second tip how to help your children focus; pay attention what your children eat/drink something, the reason why you must notice it because not all foods / beverage can increase the children’s focus, sometimes children are not aware what they eat or what they drink whether food or beverage is hygiene or not, as good parent, we must provide what children need to grow, not fulfill what children like something, that’s important clue how to build a mutual trust between parent and children.

        Here is the third tip how to help your children focus; invite them to do physical exercise regularly, means, you need to invite your children to earn the physical training at least one a week in order to recognize them about the health awareness program, here is the fourth tip how to help your children focus; tell some inspiration story to your children before they sleep at night, sometimes you need to tell some inspiration story to your children before sleeping in order to empower their curiosity, increase their memory and enhance the children’s imagination potential, here is the fifth tip how to help your children focus; train your children to discipline in any aspect in life, means, you need to give your children responsibility how to manage the priority in time, don’t let your children playing game for hours without learning about life education, you must teach them how to appreciate every gift they receive, teach them how to delay self-gratification, teach them how to learn about moral value and recognize their potential by choosing the activity that generates high enthusiasm, such as reading book, puzzle gaming, adventure gaming, caring about animals, plants and the natural preserve, etc.

         Here is the sixth tip how to help your children focus; train your children to stay openness even though there is no serious problem, means, as parent, you allow your children staying communicated in any time with you, at least your children will learn how to build trust with their parent through communication, when children stay openness with their family circle, they can adapt with new situation and monitor about their learning activity daily without feeling intimidated with their parents advice, here is a long effect benefit if children stay openness, children won't fear to make new mistake, adversity or failure during chasing their dream because they trust with their parent's parenting program, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.