Is this really the life I want?


       Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “is this really the life I want”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people can’t accept their reality because they assume their life journey is very complicated, besides that, most people don't know what makes their life running unexpectedly, in my insight; the main cause why people don't recognize about their life journey because they consume too much worthless information every day and they don't select which social circle they should stick with it, when people feel unfair, feel rejected, feel neglected, and feel unloved because they buy fear from this mortal world, the main cause why people feel strange to live in this world because they just demand to receive more gift from this mortal world than they do what they must do for their own future, remember this note; don't expect the mortal world will give you everything because the mortal world can't produce peace, love, respect and serenity, "the more you demand more gift from this mortal world, the less you receive something than what you expect it", that's why the life give us challenge such as adversity and problem in order to let us do something for this world.
Idealist - Optimist - Realist - Pessimist - Cynic - Lackluster
      To encounter the problem in life, we need to build a idealism in life in order to unlock our hidden potential and do something different from time to time, basically life doesn't give us what we want, life only provides the resources we really need to build idealism in life such as imagination, skill, creativity, faith, and knowledge, basically idealism comes from conviction and affliction where they have been built a long time ago in the human’s thought, if you want to win from this circumstance, don’t ever say “why would I deserve this pain?” this kind of mindset will shut down your opportunity to escape from greater painit would better if you change the question such thing “I deserve this persistent pain because God knows I am stronger than problem and God knows there is something great awaits me if i get this pain", so to build an idealism in life is like design a house, you need to measure your progress and learn something new, if you realize that your house is more important, so you will not live casually with your behavior because you need to give your effort, time, and knowledge into it.

     Now let me share something you need to know, if you think life will treat you unfair because life wants you to be different creature than most people who just do nothing for their own future now maybe you will get new glimpse in your mind about this question “why would some people necessarily build a persistent pain?” because they understand that endure pain is the part of life strategy how to build idealism and how to take care of worth thing in this life, such as love, peace, respect, and sincerity, so I think that is reason which may help you to answer “is it really the life I want?”, just for information, for people who love about perfectionism, they may think this life is too cruel, the reason why people say such thing because they consider life offers the perfect place to stay and offers what they really want, once again I would strengthen your emotion by remembering this statement, you must fully disagree with perfectionism, do you know why? because perfectionism fights against reality, life would be risky if people stay fighting with reality, whereas life keeps giving human with the relentless pain, remember this note; every human being in this life is treated like the custodian where they hold responsibility to take care of what they don’t possess, such as serenity, kindness, love, faith, kindness, if we can't hold responsibility, we will get life punishment from God such as fake gratification, ignorance, and regret, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.