What basketball can teach us?

       Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “what basketball can teach us?”, the reason why I choose that topic because basketball is one of my hobby, I found there are many lessons where I get from the basketball game, in this article I would tell you about the priceless lesson from the basketball game, here is the first lesson what basketball can teach us; every game is designed to remind every basketball player by having sense of urgency to make a score before 24 second is over, means, every player must work in team before 24 second is over and this opportunity is the biggest challenge to make score 2 point or 3 point, in reality, every human has 24 hours, during the time runs, human can’t manage their own time because time can’t be multiplied, it can’t be accelerated and also it can’t be decelerated, we just need to prioritize what we believe is true, we must use our time wisely if we want to pursue bigger opportunity because every second in action will determine our future journey, sometimes we need to delegate our biggest fear in order to push ourselves to do something urgently before 24 hours is over, time is kind of spiritual activity where it determine whether we live or die, as human being who have inability to know everything about time calculation, we must consider time as diamondwe should beware about time because it will calculate what we think, what we feel and what we act, every attempt we make will determine an outcome, if we are happy now because we invested something positive constantly in the past.

        Here is the second lesson what basketball can teach us; take accurate decision before 24 second is over will create a big difference in result, if we apply this circumstance into reality, every decision we make is very crucial because it will represent our personality and our responsibility in the future, "if we don’t develop our skill to make critical decision during facing the emergency condition, means, we deliberately bury our hope in the future"here is the third lesson what basketball can teach us; every 1 second in the basketball game can create a different result if we let our guard off in that situation, means, there is nothing time wasted in basketball game even 1 second, the basketball games teaches us not to let our guard down in any situation because life is full of the uncertainty, in my opinion; we need to stay awake in every situation because self-gratification can shut our awareness and it can burn out the human's hope, here is the quote to build good career; "if your job lets you to love procrastination and locking your curiosity to do something beyond expectation, you are doing something wrong in your life", starting today, we need to apply what basketball teaches us about time value, here is my daily note; people who appreciate about time value, time will give them a high performance value, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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