Don’t let success goes to your head

    Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “don’t let success goes to your head” the main reason why I choose that topic because success is not part of good teacher in the real life, besides that success will influence people to stop learning something new undoubtedly, whereas, the real success will not let people stopping to evolve their power of creation, if only success would be happening in one times in the whole life, the game of life would be boring and it would be frightening as well, as I reviewed, most people prefer to think success can be guaranteed by what they do in the job, but the fact is the real success will not let people dangling their wealth into their job, now my question to you is "do you the purpose of the real success?" it is making people failed constantly and keep motivating people to learn continuously, if you think your success is letting you earned a lot of money and stop learning, you misstep to the wrong direction because you just hope to get a lot of money, so you deliberately practice yourself to be a slave of money, if you think you can live peacefully with the success, it's totally wrong because success can't offer something good, instead your potential will be locked firmly and success will put into the pain of regret in long time periodif you really want to get the real success, you must refer to the universe’s law, here is the first quality of being successful in the long period of time is keep servicing what people need with your service or your good legacy, if you can’t provide what your potentially does for you, as impact, you will not get something more from what you sowed because you lack of sowing.

The failure is the mother of all kind of success

     If you think success can be collected by today, it doesn’t mean tomorrow you will get the same success, that’s philosophy you need to apply in our life plan, every day is a new preparation for defending ourselves from negativityI have ever told you that the real success will not let you stopping to learn something with your time freedom, that's part of the true wealth, if you can’t spend your leisure time for increasing your freedom of action, you will not get your idealism of life, instead you will be forced to get boredom, so whatever you get the job now, make sure your job will not let you stopping to learn about the source of new mistake, that’s clue how to increase your income ability, remember this note; there is no a secure job in this life, if you found one of secure job, it’s kind of myth, only your skill set will help you to keep you stronger, better and humble, if you think your job will encourage you to grow your vision, increase your ingenuity, increase your curiosity, increase your passion and increase your integrity, means, you are in the good job, I hope you will not leave your job when your job can educate how to become good person, if your success can't make you to become good person, you are in the wrong direction of success, as long as you are still healthy, you have good opportunity to continue your freedom of thought, sometimes you need to script your agenda about what you do in daily if you want to let success is coming in your way, here is my quote to you; "don't stop when God doesn't ask you to stop, but you can stop when the success can't buy your personal integrity", I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.