Don’t trust the five senses


     Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “don’t trust the five senses”, the meaning of that topic is every five senses we have is working like the alarm, if we know our five senses are functionally working as detection, we don't need to worry if there is something unexpected coming and we don't need to trust 100% if the five senses work as usual because our five sense don't have the control function, remember this; eyes, nose, skin, tongue, and ear are working like the worker and it never betray human, we shouldn’t be panic when one of the five senses tells us about something wrong because the five senses don't hold responsible about the unexpected coming, our job is analyze the next process, not to blame the five senses, sometimes our five senses can’t give us the right decision, from that statement, we conclude that we would better no to rush during making decision because the five sense’s function can't do analysis, as we know that eyes can see around us, but if we can't see something due to there is mist, means, we don't need to blame our eyes once it can't see something, if we trust with what our eyes observe, we will let the mist blind us and guide us to hit the unexpected accident, it's time for us to delegate our emotional intelligence to make a new step, that's the most important thing what we can do, don't let our eyes look at the source of harm such as seeing the fake news at social media, pornography, nudist, and see something that can attract our wanderlust, we need to prevent our eyes to see what our soul doesn't need it, our personality depends on what we observe, if we let our eyes seeing something randomly, it will mess our soul and leave the bad impression into it, sometimes our eyes need to be trained to find the problem and overcome it, that's the strategy not to trust our five senses, remember this; what we see will determine our mental strength, determine our confidence level and it can influence our personality.

Look carefully about this statement, our eyes can't differentiate between sugar and salt

     If we just use the eyes to catch up anything picture, it will harm to our memory data and the machine filter within our cortex brain, before we see something with our eyes, we must ask something to our emotional intelligence such as “Do I need this for long period of time?” “Is it very urgent?” “What is this actually worth?” “What is it costing me?”, the reason why we need to stay carefully about our five senses function because all of them are working based on its fixed system and it doesn’t know whether there is the worst case scenario or not, , the human’s main job is how to make analysis after we are getting alarmed by our five senses, such as taste, vision, smell, sound and touchif we look at reality, many people can't change their own fate because they tend to use their five sense to magnify their wanderlust and ignore what their soul really wants, I just want to remind that our five senses can't check whether there is something good or not behind the scene, we must beware with it, if we trust with our five senses without checking it first, our five senses will dump our intellectual intelligence and emotional content, sometimes we need to check whether our daily habit is qualified to fulfill the future's hope because our habit will determine our future and our habit depends on our control towards five senses function, don’t let our habit will deceive our future, if it is happening repeatedly, the future will not give us opportunity how to become good person in the eye of God, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.