Pay what things are worth


     Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “pay what things are worth”, the reason why I choose that topic because not everyone are willing to pay something worthy for their own future, besides that people often can't differentiate between the price and the value, as impact of it, people are willing to get paid at lowest price because they are unable to buy something worthy for their own future, if people just prioritize how to get the price by selling their personal confidence, they will lose their worthiness for a long period of time, most of them prefer to adapt themselves with the money they will receive and they keep pursuing it no matter what it takes, it is kind of selling a sense of insecure feeling because they don’t know how to get something worthy, if people need to get something worthy, they need to sell their own worthiness such as time, focus, inborn skill, enthusiasm, ingenuity, dedication and disciplined action, that's prerequisite, we can't just demand to get the money by working on the job we are not really interested to do it, if we just do it something in order to get the price without offering self-worth, we will never accomplished something we really need to fulfill our emotional intelligencethe price can't be attracted if we can't sell the problem we solved, averagely people buy their own emotion by exchanging with something unworthy they have such as money and authority, that's major problem, when their confidence level is lower than the money's value, they will never meet with their own speciality, in order to acquire speciality, people must dig up their own vision and potential for long period of time though they don't get paid from it.

    If you have enough savings, make it paying what things are worth for you first, such as attending the course / seminar, buying book, buying the motivational videos, doing the charity for beloved people or unknown people, that’s proper practicable action how to get something worthy in lifethere is none other way how to get value except you sell your trust to other people's problem, here is true wealth you can't sell; your time, your freedom and your faith, don't ever think to sell those things because it will be your own responsibility with God, now you see why most people can’t change their life journey to be better to although they have a lot of money because they use their money as self-defence to shield themselves from something worthy,  in order to get valuable things in this life you need to stop thinking about your profit first, here is the key phrase you need to consider, namely "the more you think about profit, the less you get value from it, the more you think about value, the more you get profit from it", that's it, now you may think how can I start if we I don't have any value to be offered?, now here is the first quality you need to possess about the value; delay self-gratification to pursue higher value or the next target, that’s requirement how to attract something valuable for your life career or the qualified personality, if you use your money to increase self-esteem, you need to solve your own ignorance about the truth and your own daily problem, if you use your money to buy something in order to impress people, you will gain nothing, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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