The straitjacketed soul

The evil's desire, greed, overambitious soul are part of the straitjacketed soul

   Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “the straitjacketed soul”, the meaning of the straitjacketed soul is kind of the disease of rational soul where it can determine the new journey for what human's awareness wants, whether it becomes greedy or overambitious, basically the purpose of straitjacketed soul is to unlock the evil's desire from the human's psyche and lock the human's potential, besides that, the straitjacketed soul's really wants the evil desire will stay permanently in the human's deepest soul, before this circumstance will happen, we have to get sucked our psyche into hardened moral behavior, such as discipline, consistency, integrity, temperance, that's the way of life's practice, if we reject to accept the way of true moral teachings, our life journey will get caught by the straitjacketed soul's principle, here is the bad news; when we aren't used to adapt with new circumstance, there is always war before the real war is begun into reality, it’s very dangerous because it can menace the next generation, as we know there are many wars in several country, it is always being started by greed and overambitious purpose, not by peaceful heart, when they feel happy by starting war, means, they have possessed the straitjacketed soul's principle, if this condition is not stopped with new principle teachings, our next generation will get serious problem because they will endure the past problem where they don't create it by now, the first thing you should obey if you want to stay away from the straitjacketed soul's principle is filling yourself with the power of love and the freedom of making the work of art, that's requirement.

Overambitious person


   The second thing you should obey if you want to stay away from the straitjacketed soul's principle; you must let go off vocation you love if it can’t teach you how to increase your integrity and increase your wisdom, the reason why you must let go off the vocation you love because not all vocations you choose is good for your peaceful heart, before you want to pick up vocation, make sure you are ready to adapt with the new consequence which may restrict your freedom of thought, the third thing you should obey if you want to stay away from the straitjacketed soul's principle; you must be ready to welcome the first failure although it will bring the second failure, means, you must be ready to face the upcoming failure although you dislike about it, please don't be mad with it because it is kind of daily principle where it is offered from the future to us, we must take a lesson from the first failure before we will take a lesson from the second failure, the reason why we need to take those failures because it's requirement how to fight with the evil's desire,  if we have this kind of habit, we will not get feared about the evil character because we have passed on the adaptation process, the purpose of failure is leading you to the right direction and keep you away from the straitjacketed soulI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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