Timeless wisdom

Enlighten your wisdom through knowledge and the pain of discipline

     Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “timeless wisdom” the meaning of topic is the kind of guidance where it can be used to guide people for the adaptation process in reality, the reason why I choose that topic because most people spend their time not to look for timeless freedom, instead they spend their time for earning money and looking for self-gratification, I didn't mean to forbid what people do, if we look at to the law; human are kind of adaptable creature, if human spend their time for pleasure only, they will not get higher value because money doesn't give a value, remember this law "the price will attract itself when there is available value from human's skill set"money will attract by itself to go to the place where there is a resource, the only way how to build the human's resource is building the power of wisdom by collecting the experience of adversity, learning from the daily problem and unlearning the same mistake, we will never get the wisdom if we didn’t enrich our life experience by learning from what we don't expect, sometimes we need to rewrite the past history by collecting several pieces of wisdom and knowledge in the past and we can make it as our guidance system, such as the nature philosophy, the Koran, the prophets, stoicism, etc. Now my question is do you know the purpose of wisdom? Here is the answer; the purpose of wisdom is attracting the law of creation and providing what human really need in this life, such as knowledge, love, faith, vitality, stamina, the universe's law, discipline, perseverance and imagination, those are intangible assets where we can optimize to attract the prosperity.

    The first step you need to know if you want to know about the wisdom is observing what most people do and what most people don’t do, if you observe what most people don’t do, you will find an opportunity to unlock the law of creation because you have a low competition to create your own wealth / creation, the second step you need to know if you want to know about the wisdom is observing what most problem people tend to avoid, you will find the resource where you can learn from the circumstance, it may take several years to learn, but you must be okay with that, here is the good news; if you can conquer the problem where most people avoid, you will earn the wisdom where it can guide you how to find the source of income, it’s not easy to do because you must against the comfort ego, the justified ego, and the intolerance egoour job as human being is not to stopping the problem, but how we endure to face the problem without complaining, sometimes we need to be an actor in our own story and play a role what we learn from the daily life problem, so that other people will get the value from it, remember this advice; there is none other way to create wisdom unless we accept the life test such as rejection, mistake, delay, the pain of discipline and adversity, now my question is "are you ready to sacrifice what you possess in order to pass through the uncertainty life?", If you think gaining the wisdom is really irritating and difficult, it’s totally wrong, the cause of irritation is not what you can see about yourself, but within yourself, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.