You can’t always be getting what you want

     Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “you can’t always be getting what you want”, the reason why I choose that topic because every human wants to see what their want will be manifested into reality, if we look at reality, many desires can't be implemented in reality because most of us can't bear to enjoy a long process, that's problem, besides that, we haven't clarified yet whether our want is really good or not to our future, if we think our wants is good, we need to confirm what we want with our deepest soul, this purpose is used to reduce any friction between our inner peace and our want, the main cause why not all what we want will be manifested into reality because our behavior, habit, preparation and capacity don't meet with the future's want, remember; life is always mysterious and uncertainty, sometimes we need to know the future's hope first if we want to collaborate between our desires and the future's hope, maybe we need some supporting technology, new expertise, new solution where it can help us to manifest what we want, if our desires and the future's hope doesn't match, we will never get what we want, so we must learn how to endure affliction during struggling, here is my advice; don’t try to obsess something where it doesn’t support your circumstance, it would better if you stay grateful about what you already have and develop your skill, we must beware about what we want because our want will bring the dangerous thing if we are unable to fulfill the want's requisite.

     Before we want something in life, we must be ready with affliction, consequence and disappointment because life doesn’t provide what we want for free, it takes long process and struggle, you need to train your mind by asking yourself "do I need this thing?", "what will happen if I don't get it?", "is it really worth for my life?" after that you need to answer this question “what do I prepare to resist the affliction in life”, if you aren't ready to answer it, you will get unexpected suffering, to endure pain or suffering, you must reconcile with your potential first and let it grows gradually, here is my advice; you need to acquire knowledge, develop your spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence in order to resist the affliction due to your want, as we know that life is uncertainty, unspecified and uncontrollable, only thing we can prepare to hold the life's challenge is we acquire the knowledge, hard work, stamina and endurance, so that we can interpret a deep meaning from the future's want, here is the note you need to remember in your lifetime; the most happiness moment in life is when we are living peacefully with our potential and having very few wants, the reason why I recommend such thing because not all we want is good for us, we need to eliminate the dark side of our want and increase our potential, so we can let our potential works and attract something we really need, not we really want, remember this note; if we can control what we really need, our potential vibration will manifest what we really want after that, we must stay patience with delay, rejection or maybe it takes a long process, let the universe’s law works beyond our attempted capacity, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.