Don’t feed your habit with your anger


        Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “don’t feed your habit with your anger”, the main reason why I choose that topic because anger is kind of toxic where it can’t be neutralized by just doing one act of kindness, anger will not bring bad impact to human as long as it will not be fed with habit, some people say we shouldn't get angry when there is problem, I agree with that, as long as we intend to prevent something dangerous, we may use our little of anger for making protection, not destruction, but the most important thing is we can make our sense of anger is silent, the reason why we mustn’t feed the anger with habit because it will get stronger, bigger and severer, we must have a strict plan if we want to reduce anger, there are many ways how not to feed your anger, here is the first step how to starve your anger; you must dare to delay the anger’s growing process by feeding it the logical question, such as, “what kind of destruction will stay with me after my anger grow rapidly?, or, you may ask yourself “how many people will get injured if I release my anger?, remember this note; anger is like atomic bomb because it always leaves the destruction permanently and anger always considers logic as the real enemy, if you feed your mind with logical question or logical problem, you can destabilize your anger's program, suddenly your anger will lose its power because it has less fuel to make it grows again, here is the bad news; if you just release your anger to the reality without preparation, your feeling will not get better, instead, you will be motivated by anger to destroy something around you without hesitation, if it's happening for long period of time, your logic will not help if you let your energy follow your sense of anger.

       Now here is the second step how to starve your anger; you must build a meditation chain and not to break it, means, you have to discipline how not to fuel your anger by  doing meditation and make a habit of it, this strategy will help you to immobilize your anger's power after you apply the strategy at least 30 days continuously, besides that, meditation can increase your spiritual intelligence and also it can decrease your anger's energy, once again I told you, everything great needs energy and focus, if you want to stop your anger, please don't focus on it and distract your energy to do something else, please don’t make habit of it when you feel your sense of anger is getting bigger, before you get angry, stay away from the source of pollutant, it will help you to break a chain of evil's desire, don’t ever try to feel motivated by doing something harmful because it will not bring more helpful in your situation, remember; anger is like raging fire, if you fuel it with your habit, you can’t stop it and you will be treated as hungry person because it will demand more hatred, if you want to stop your anger, don't hate what you do, let it go by breathing deeply, exhale it, before anger will starve your logic, you have to starve your anger by feeding your logic with knowledge, here is the third step how to starve your anger; you go on a fast, in the Muslim’s ritual, go on a fast is good choice because it can invite an everlasting health, if you make habit of it, your emotion will be directed to find personal fulfillment, your health nutrition will be protected and your anger will be controlled, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.