Don’t let your struggle become your identity

Focus on making progress, not focus on falling

   Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “don’t let your struggle become your identity”, the meaning of that topic is you have to forget your struggle after you make progression in your career because not all your struggle will be able to make your life better, the reason why you stop forgetting your struggle because your struggle will show you about the pain of regret, desperate, rejection, disappointment and angry, I am sure you don't want to get those thing happen into your identity, so you have to keep continuing your progress although it needs several years to finish, remember this; struggle is not part of the final answer you really need but struggle is requirement how to leave your incomplete potential and move forward to the higher potential, there's bad news if you keep focusing on your struggle, you will waste your time to feel guilty because your perception will say to you that you can't make it happen, every struggle you have shown is always attracting a sense of uncomfortable and hatred, so you should not concern about it because it's normal process to adapt, please don’t focus on your pain but focus on what you can change after you get remedy, if you stop doing something you start, everything you start with is going to become impossible to be done, if you focus on your vision, you will attract new hope and new opportunity, if you think what you start is difficult, find a way that makes you comfortable to do it, every greatness comes from difficulty and lack of experience, but if you can adapt with difficulty, your mental strength will grow and it can help you to feel comfortable in any difficulty, the more you start something new, the more often you will receive something new and you will never get bored again because your life is going to attract what you need, such as new knowledge, new potential, new challenge, new relationship, new solution.

Focus on the potential, not the obstacle


   If you start with something easier, you will not get motivated to do something more difficult because your mindset can't stand to do something difficult, just remember this note; working hard has different meaning with self-punishment, if you think working hard is going to invite self-punishment, means, you haven't found the right strategy to continue your goal, your job now is how to find the happiness path through your own mindset, not to find easier path to continue your goalif you can’t start something through your happiness, you will become a casualty and you will lose your vision towards your purpose, it's very dangerous, in my opinion; don’t ever concern about the end result because it will be handled by something greater than yourself, all you need to do is begin something with your enthusiasm, if you work hard with enthusiasm, you will not feel pain of regret, pain of disappointment or pain of anger, instead your vision will attract more abundance in life, work hard is not part of self-punishment but work hard is part of developing process from your own capacity, life is not so hard if you know how to create self-love first, you can’t create self-love if you hate about what you start, the purpose of life is find your gift from your daily habit or your daily activity, after that you need to work at it, you share your gift to others as good legacy, if you are happy to do something valuable, whatever comes to you will be able to attract more happiness and you will not get bored because you can find the new story in your life, please don't look for something easier in this life, but look for something which it can increase self-esteem because an ease is greater threat to progress than hardship itself, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.