Observe cause and effect

Cause determines effect

  Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “observe cause and effect”, the main reason why I choose that topic because very few people want to learn about the law of cause and effect, this idea is adopted from the one of the universe’s resource, as human, we can’t avoid from this law because every resource we receive comes from what we invested in the past, such as hard work, sharing idea, willing to adapt or improve a false belief, unlearn bad behavior, the more we notice about what we do, the more we are careful about something we can choose, besides that, we must be ready about something come to us because we will be forced to receive itevery day there is no rest room for us to count what cause and what effect from what universe does for us, our job is start something we haven't practiced, not to wait something miraculous or wait someone's help, whatever we do now, the result will manifest back to us directly, so we don't need to spend our time to wait, we will retrieve back what we put something in the past, if we want to know whether our life journey is on the right track, we just need to find where cause meets an effect, "if we do good deed, the good thing will come to us, if we do evil deed, the bad thing will come to us", if you get a bad impact though you do something good, means, God doesn't give you a punishment, but He wants you to learn something and you will be trained to be the master for handling the problem, the one thing you can do if you want to observe cause and effect within yourself is “don’t trust your memory, be good giver in every place you visit and be good student in every person you meet”, if you have this kind of habit, your conscience will remind you before you will do something dangerous, remember this; a negative habit will be no last longer and also it will be broken if you make self-improvement every day, such as increasing knowledge, doing charity, sharing your idea to others, please do it as if you were doing in the last journey on earth.

The law of Cause and Effect

  Sometimes our brain memory will block our action if we want to study about new thing because our brain memory can’t differentiate between right or wrong circumstance, only our perception can distinguish between right or wrong circumstance, so if we want to measure our capacity with the law of cause and effect, we must not get afraid about the consequence, let the universe gives the signal to our conscience if we do something wrong, don't use logical reason to measure either we do good thing or evil thing, but use your biggest fear to measure what you have done, if you are feeling better than before and also you feel positive after you have done something, means, you are doing good and Almighty God will give you the peaceful heart as the cause and effect's signal, you are now because you do what you repeatedly do, the more you practice, the more excellent you can become, life will never betray you if you offers something good, as long as you can contribute something for others, the law of cause and effect will count how much value you have created in the future, let the universe surprises you with new opportunity and let it rewards your effort, the most important thing is don’t stop as long as you can contribute something because the great thing comes from your patience during making your masterpiece, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.