The mark of rational person

    Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “the mark of rational person”, the reason why I choose that topic because being rational person is the part of reason how to know about the essential of human thinking, to differentiate between animal, plant and human, they are working based on different mission, animal and plant are given soul and heart to work based on what they can do naturally, whereas human are given soul, mind and heart to prophesy their own future with their own free will, in order to know the purpose of living, we must learn from something around us and learn how to adapt, endure and evolve, such as solving the daily problem, finishing the daily task, unlearn how to be self-righteous person, and learn how to be rational person, now here is the first step you must do if you want to get the mark of rational person; self-awareness, means, you have to look inward about your daily life, such as your perception, your daily habit, your daily productivity rate, your daily problem, your daily enthusiasm, your daily mission or vision, I think you need several years to build self-awareness to know more about yourself, to build the sustainable growth of your learning skill, you need to measure how much problem you have finishedif you can’t measure how much problem you have finished, you will not know how is your strength and your weaknesses, here is the second step you must do if you want to get the mark of rational person; self-examination, means, you have to review what you love and what you hate before you do something, you have to make sure there is no dangerous thing will cause you burdening with severe problem.

Being mechanic is different than being robot who works based its own program, not its own intelligence

   If you can’t delegate your sense to detect your problem, you can’t make your own decision, remember this note; to use your rational thinking, you must have good personality, the most important thing is don’t let your personality will make you feel desperate about your own life, if it is happening in the real life, you have to keep working on your personality until your personality will find the profession which it requires you to choose itthe main reason why you need to improve your personality constantly because your chance and your prosperity are determined by your personality, if you can’t improve what you can do with your skill set, at least you can show your personality to make better vision for others, so that other people can create something for a better life, now the third step you must do if you want to get the mark of rational person; self-determination, means, you need to dare to learn from risk, take responsibility about what you choose without having any intention to blame the mistake to others, you must understand there is no perfect decision, there is only strictly plan, if you don’t make plan, you plan to fail automatically, in the daily life, you must know how to hold responsibility, do you know the reason why you existed on earth? Because Almighty God believes you can hold responsibility to promote the kindness and prevent the badness, as long as you can choose something with your rational thinking, you will take the consequence, there is no excuse for not trying something if you have been given by God with rational thinking, being rational person is the first initial step to differentiate between human, plant, machine and animal, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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