There is nothing wrong with being wrong


   Hi smart people, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “there is nothing wrong with being wrong”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are willing to being wrong, besides that, many people consider getting a lot of mistake can't get enough fortune, this is kind of fixed mindset, in the real life every mistake is designed to increase self-awareness and improve self-development, as human being, we shouldn't judge mistake as bad thing because not everything we can control is wrong, we just need to adapt with something bigger than ourselves, remember this; to enter the new world, we are allowed to judge what we control only such as perception, opinion and behavior, whereas people who don't want to accept mistake is keep receiving a misleading direction, do you know why? because they consider their mindset has perfect guideline, if they keep thinking such thing, automatically they stop curious about new knowledge and new life's riddle, here is the biggest risk if people don't want to accept mistake is they receive an undetectable problem and they can't handle any distraction, finally they will receive more risk and their emotion will be unstable, remember; the more we avoid new problem, the more we lack of good judgment or thoughts, if we consider problem is problem, our lives can’t grow faster as we think because we deliberately reject every God’s plan through the problem, the statement "there is nothing wrong with being wrong", has the same meaning like “there is something wrong with being right”, if we consider our performance always be right, it doesn’t mean we are getting a lot more finished, our perception can’t be used to predict about the future, so when we are used to behave self-righteous, as impact, we will become casualty in life because we don't use our maximum potential and we are casual about life.

   The human's mindset potential would be dead if it's not trained, so their brain system must get new nutrition from new lesson or new mistake, the human's mindset has two option; protector or executor, the protector, means, it tells you to stop learning and your mind will keep you away from new opportunity and keep you away from the self-awareness, whereas the executor, means, it tells you to strive with your plan, focus on the target, and keep surviving though you have a lot of rejection during making preparationsometimes being silent to accept mistake and being indifferent to accept mistake are having different purpose and different meaning, if we are being silent, means, we make own strategy and make sure we implement it into our daily commitment without notifying others about it, whereas if we are being indifferent, means, we lack of thought, we lack of social conscience, we lack of survival experience, we lack of agilitywhen we think “there is nothing wrong with being wrong”, means we admit that we are still green, we need more curiosity to dig up our potential, we admit that we are not knowing so much about what we have done, we admit we need a lot of lesson from other people’s experience, we admit we lack of innovations, we admit there are many unknown problem needs us to learn from it, that's kind of showing humility and God really loves about the human who have shown humility's character, remember this; human is part of adaptation machine where we can use it to absorb what’s useful and discard what’s useless within our daily activity, we can implement the adaptation machine to our potential, now here is another advise we need to practice by now; we need to stop focusing on our gratification and we start adapting with something what’s making us uncomfortable to do it, such as studying, after that, we need to stop doing what we already know and start practicing what we are curious about our potential as if it were defeated by tomorrow,we don't need to get afraid when we get wrong because it is kind of adapting process to get something better than ourselves, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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