Where do these negative beliefs and doubts come from?


     Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “where do these negative beliefs and doubts come from?”, this topic is very interesting because I am sure every human being has ever felt such thing, the reason why negative beliefs can come to human because human’s behavior can attract too much untrustworthy information or fake information and it can interrupt to the human’s logical thinking process, remember; the brain is like the garden, like the proverb says “we shall reap what we sow”, means, whatever we do something right now, later we will get what we receive, if we get something bad right now because we already planted the wrong seeds in the past, there is no excuse for us to blame the circumstance because we already triggered the war within ourselves before we start the real war with the evil, if someone feels doubt and negative belief because he lacks of positive energy and he absorbs too much negative energy, it may come from social media, television program, fake friend / toxic social circle, alcohol intake, unhealthy food, bad influencer, magazine, the uneducated website, from these things, we should identify which source of information can give us a negative beliefs, after that, we shouldn't make a habit of it and we unplug ourselves from it with force, here is the first step how to recognize negative beliefs and doubts: you must identify your 24 hours of habit and identify the information you have consumed every day, if you can’t share something valuable to others within 24 hours, means, your mind has absorbed too much negative energy unknowingly within 24 hours.

     I wouldn’t say we can escape from negative energy, there is nobody can go away from it, all we need to do is learn something from negative energy and accept it as the countermeasure lesson, although negative energy often makes human feeling overwhelming anxiety, I don’t say all negative energy is useless, if you can learn from it, you will not get affected with negativity easily although you don't have any intention to fight it, negative energy will not dominate your feeling if you don't get too excited if you receive reward or you don't feel too sad if you receive misfortune, I give you an example about the negative energy; negative energy can form almost everything in aspect of life, such as problem, swindle, rejection, failure, setback, betrayal, humiliation, error and risk, for average person, I am sure they get angry if they get involved with it, here is the bad news; if negative thing in this life isn't being learnt by human, human can't optimize their power of emotional intelligence for making good notion and eventually they will become the devils's follower, besides that, you can’t get wisdom, justice, temperance and courage within your personality if you just use positive thinking to go through in this life, please don't believe too much with positive thinking because positive energy can hold you back from making new progress, furthermore your positive thinking will influence you to feel secure until you can't find your true potential, remember this ; if you feel comfortable for too long, you will not think hard and your life story just gets the pain of everlasting regret because your life principle can't guide you to embrace the unlimited belief, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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