Don’t create the truth even though you think it's true


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “don’t create the truth even though you think it's true”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are often tempted by false teachings, this situation had happened more than 2000 years ago, the problem why many people are tempted by false teaching because it offers people with lifelong ambition, everlasting power, freedom, authority and short term gratification, no wonder most people in the world prefer to become the world's slave rather than being a philosopher because people's behavior is congruent with false teachings behavior, that's consequence, do you know why the false teachings doesn't reveal the comforting lies to human being? because the false teachings has not authorized to tell people about the real truth, so we must be careful to face the type of people who offer the false teachings although it seems like to be true, do you know why most people hate to accept about the truth because it offers unfair treatment, discomfort, temperance, mental / physical pain, discipline, and living in the world is like living in the prisonremember this note if you want to avoid the fake expectation; you must obey with the truth's character because the truth doesn’t offer easiness, gratification, instant solution, comfortable and secure feeling, but on the other hand, the truth teaches human being how to deal with adversity, unfair treatment, affliction, unpleasantness, and inevitable mistake.

   Now I have question to you, do you know the universe is so powerful? because the universe always obey the truth and it doesn't believe with luck and it is expecting nothing in return, here is the key how to accept the truth is feel wrongful, feel hunger about knowledge, stay curious about what human can’t do in their limitation and believe something which it can’t be fabricated or manipulated by any human being, before you accept new ideology from other people, you must refer to the truth's character first, as long as the information you accept is congruent with the universe's law, you can't get wrong, the reason why almighty God asks people to learn something from the universe because the universe never lie to human, furthermore, the universe never ask for returns although it keeps providing what human needhere is the key how to save your inner world from the outer world; don’t think the world is like the paradise, but you must consider the world is like living in the prison, means, beware of what you think because it can become your words of mouth, beware of your habits because it can become your character, beware of your character because it can become your destiny, if you think the world is like the paradise, you will lose your essence of living and your faith will blocked by your ignorance, but if you consider the world like the prison, you will not commit crime and you will not dare to do something harm because you have known the preliminary consequences, now imagine what people do in the prison?; are they happy to be living in there? No, because they know the world doesn’t offer real happiness, instead the world offers new challenge, new change and new pain, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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