Stayed focus on the present


     Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “stayed focus on the present”, the main purpose  why I choose that topic because major people are being hurt by putting in their major focus on something in the past, that’s beginning story why they can’t understand what they do and they can't focus on the present, but now we must admit that we are limited creatures, we can’t create a better decision by messing up our life story with contemplating about what we regret, in order to eliminate depression and maximize focus, we need to reduce our big picture of what we want and we can make everything around us closed up and do selection, by it means, we stop to expect something which it makes us depressed and being new student who always wants to learn about his limitation, if you feel something wrong in your life, please check these steps, the first thing you should realize to make you focused on present is “see what lies in your ahead as opportunity to improve what you can, don’t make your inner circumstance is getting worse ever by correcting the fault of God”remember this; there is no crisis will happen if it doesn’t offer new opportunity as stepping ahead to break a crisis, if you lose your focus now, it is not because your circumstance, but your ignorance about self-image, please beware of this condition, the circumstance may drive you to the desperate zone but your decision will define everything, the second thing you should realize what make you focused on present is “stop comparing what you don’t have with people who have had what you don’t”, if you focus on comparison only, you will not recognize about your talent, expertise and personality.

      Even you have scary moment, you don’t need to share it to others and you don’t need to focus on it, you just need to reduce your scary by visualizing about your last mission and learn how you stay until your masterpiece you created is done, remember this; a sense of gratification and your scary can make your emotion is unstable, if you focus on unstable thing, your focus is moving away, please you don't need to focus on it because it will not increase your skill at all, if you consider your masterpiece is more important than your sense of pleasure, you have to live and die with it, don’t stop to share what you know to others, maybe other people consider it as worthless, but on the other hand, you leave good legacy today for getting tomorrow's luck, remember this advice; if you prefer to die for skill set, you will not regret with it because your skill will serve you well and return what you invest on your time, but if you die for expecting pleasure, you will regret with it and you will get more pressure as consequence, although knowledge costs a lot of money, but it will empower your focus to seek new opportunity and your fortune, please stay focus on the present only because you will find yourself in the cyclic processes of nature where you will get renewed, here is the additional note; you can use your faith to imagine good thing you want to live with something immortal and don’t use your faith to imagine that you want to live with something mortal, that's strategy how to focus on the present, starting today; practice your mind to use your life 80% do positive thing and 20% for negative anticipation, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.