5 tips to help you strengthen your integrity


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “5 tips to help you strengthen your integrity”, the reason why I choose that topic because integrity is the one of the most priceless of the human’s habit, if any person can possess integrity on his character, that’s mean, he is the valuable person, if you look at the company’s policy around the world, most companies that I know, they obligate any employees to have integrity because it can avoid any distrust and dispute between one person to another one, at this moment, let me share something to you about integrity, here is the first tip to help you strengthen your integrity; Do what’s right, let the consequences follow, means, you will take risk when you decide to do what’s right, you can’t finish something before you let the consequences follow you, do you know what it means, the consequences follow you not because you feel sucks with your attitude, but the consequence follows you because you already succeed to clear a bad attitude, remember; good behavior will strengthen your sense of integrity and it can help you how to focus what you do in job and finish what you targetedwhen there is someone can’t finish something in his work, he is not lacking of intelligence, he is not lacking of practice, he is only lack of integrity, you must beware about someone who lacks of integrity, this kind of person can kill your company progressively, here is the second tip to help you strengthen your integrity; Fulfill your promise after you make a decision, means, when you train your integrity to fulfill your promise, unwittingly you build good character and your promise is going to attract more opportunity for you and eventually your life is going to get better progressively.

   “Don’t play small when you can do something bigger”, means, when you decide to work for something big, it can give you the challenge how to practice your integrity, I would say your decision is right when you work in order to strengthen your integrity, remember; the type of work you choose is going to strengthen your bright future if you encircle yourself with sense of integrity, I can guarantee working for integrity can build good reputation for your career and you will not regret with it because sense of integrity will give you something more than what you deserve it, here is the third tip to help you strengthen your integrity; you must fulfill the consequence for your preparation, means, you have to know your strength and weaknesses before you continue to do something big in your career, long term preparation can help you to pass through the consequence in tough time and your sense of integrity will increase because you are serious about what you develop in your preparation, here is the fourth tip to help you strengthen your integrity; Don’t stop until you finish the deadline, means, when you decide to finish the deadline’s job on time, your sense of integrity will promote your career unexpectedly, remember this advice; when you finish deadline before due time, your confidence level will increasehere is the fifth tip to help you strengthen your integrity; Don’t do business with people who lack of integrity, the reason why you need to stay away from people who lack of integrity because it can devalue your business’s development, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.