Endless pleasure can become its form of punishment


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “endless pleasure can become its form of punishment”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people consider pleasure can overcome their problem or any adversity in the human's life, in fact, pleasure just suppress the human's emotion from the happiness state of mind, furthermore, pleasure can trap human's mind to the punishment, not solution, do you know why pleasure can turn into punishment? Because pleasure influences human to avoid the adaptation process, when human can't make adaptation, human's mind will crease self-delusion, basically pleasure and pain are offering different direction to human’s thought, if someone spends his major time to look for pleasure, means, he never commit to do good thing for the rest of his life, if he is making habit of it, whatever he does, the result is always making him disappointed,  but if someone spends his major time to build the pain of growth, whatever he does is always attracting the blessing in disguise, remember this; the problem is not caused by how much the source can make us disappointed, but the problem is caused by our lacking of resourcefulness, if someone intends to do good thing for his own life, he shouldn’t do something dangerous to his habit, such as looking for pleasure and ignore about his future's plan, if life gives you an option, which one of them you want to stick with; 1. The pain of growth, 2. Endless pleasure, if you choose to endure the pain of growth, that’s mean, you commit to do something valuable every daybut if you choose to endure the endless pleasure, you commit to bury your potential and your action will invite negativity from this life, it's like punishment, the main reason why I say endless pleasure can invite negativity because it is against the universe’s law, remember this wise word; we are born not to look for pleasure, but we are born to look for the essential of living, undergo with the life's trial and learn from Almighty God’s wisdom.

Pleasure doesn't increase your self-esteem's indicator


     If you want to learn why pleasure can bring disaster, you can observe what most people do with their pleasure, “are they rich, happy, fame and having the peace of mind?” if they don’t have one of those features, means, people are more committed to get swindled by their own lives, remember; we are living on earth in short period of time ( around 1 day in Almighty God's time calculation), we shouldn’t invest our major time to look for pleasure, we should stay away from casino, bar, the night club because they are offering pleasure, suffering and disaster, as long as people don’t commit to look for good experience from every life's moment, people will get punishment from their own habits, here is philosophy you need to contemplate; what you build, it is building for what you think, what you feel, it is building your outer circumstance, what you decide, it is building what you will become in the future, please don’t believe with people who have said to you “pleasure can cure the mental suffering”, it is totally wrong, pleasure is just offering temporary comfort, instead it is promising an everlasting regret, if you want to know what causes people to commit self-suicidal?, Because they absorb pleasure too much and they reject to adapt with what the nature demands to them, the meaning of "what the nature demands to them" is human must leave a good legacy by doing good deeds, prepare something good to be submitted to Almighty God before human will pass away, the most important of the essential of living is being a good provider for what other people need, it reminds me with what nature provides to human need, such as water, oxygen, soil, fire, natural gas, light, coal, etc. I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.