How to deal with pain

      Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to deal with pain”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone can deal with pain successfully, some of them go to the psychological clinic for consulting, some of them try to consume the alcohol, some of them try to consume antidepressant drugs, some of them try to go on vacation, and many other things, we must to know that the pain is the adapting process with the nature, means, every life’s substance must adapt to change if they want to prolong their existence on earth, it is like the tree root, it finds the water by crushing the land depth, the root maximizes its potential in order to keep existing, every human can learn from the tree's root life principle, the human’s life should be filled by valuable information in order to create more positive value, the main problem why people need to deal with the pain because they haven’t enough ability to undergo the life's challenge, we must understand that the nature’s habit is always growing, strengthening, adapting, if we don’t follow the nature’s life concept, we will be defeated by the pain, the purpose of life is not looking for pleasure, but looking for maturity, the reason why we are not recommended to look for pleasure at the first journey because most pleasure in this world is deceiver, it is stated clearly in holy Qur’an Surah Al Hadid (57) verse 20 : “the world pleasure is not but deceiver”, the meaning of that verse; if we want to stay strong, we must put our biggest attention to learn more, not to put our big attention to the world pleasure because every single of pleasure can’t help us to solve the problem.

     Remember this; our life purpose is finding our happiness into the type of work we choose, if we just find job for money, we will get the pain, if we pick up job for happiness, we will get a godsend, at this moment, I would share several tips how to deal with pain, here is the first thing you can do; learning from the nature’s characteristic, means, you allow yourself to be a student again and learn something new when you have reached the comfort zone, you have to keep looking for the information which it can increase your self-awareness, remember; you can't change your paradigm until you can find good information to nourish your mind, that's the first journey how to deal with pain, only valuable information can help you to change your paradigm, here is my advice; don’t spend your major time to look for entertainment because it can’t solve your pain, do you know why entertainment can’t solve your pain because it is against with the nature's demands, self-confidence and self-esteem can’t be upgraded by enjoying the entertainment, instead both of them come from your determination, preparation and daily practice, here is the second thing you need to do how to deal with pain; you must have a dream, you have to ensure your dream is giving you happiness and also it can seduce your emotional intelligence to grow, if you live on your dream, your pain will convert into enthusiasm, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.