Life is more like wrestling, not a dance


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “life is more like wrestling, not a dance”, it is just kind of metaphor to describe that wrestling is not offering something pleasure because there is so much pain and unpleasantness, the main reason why I choose that topic because most of us consider life is always offering something that human really like it, on the other hand, we don't really like what life offers to us because our expectation is higher than our preparationlife is serious and it is offering two things for us; the pain of losing or the joy of winning, if we want to get the joy of winning, we must take the pain of discipline by practicing our capability periodically, if we don’t get serious about what we decide, we prophesy to get the pain of losing, eventually we will live into the place where it doesn’t offer any benefit at all, life's characteristic is unlike a person who wants to negotiate or wants to take any compromises from our offer, life is very serious and non-negotiable, all we can do as human being is take a chance, enjoy the challenge and earn something from every process, we will never know how we taste that offer until we choose to finish the game, maybe we think the game is very difficult, doubt, insecure, full of affliction and full of fearfulness, it’s normal expression when we haven’t finished the game, remember this philosophy; "the brightest stars in the night is living into the darkness of the night", means, our failure, rejection, heartache, setback and empty pocket are kind of the darkness in life where it can prosper our lives in the future, "what is coming to us is better than what is gone from us", if we always regret what left us, we prophesy ourselves to become the yesterday’s person, not the future’s person.

    Life will become dangerous if we don’t focus about what we believe, life doesn't ask us to like what life really wants, but life only gives us an option; being wise or being loser, now I understand why people will never get what they really want in their lifetime because they consider life is a dance, which it offers the feeling of joy every day, if life just offers something pleasant, there is no more hungry, thirsty, poor and death, we shouldn't live at the same level in our life path, we must be different person who loves to accept new problem and new responsibility, let me talk about the life rule; “life doesn’t want to treat people in the comfortable place because life is not kind of the paradise and this life can treat us like living in the hell if we don't take seriously about the life's journey we choose, life is like treating someone who lives in the jungle, he must think how to survive, he must compete with his own ignorance / limitation, he will endure the pain of discipline, he will meet with the uncertain challenge, he will face the mysterious way, he must increase his intellectual capacity in order to solve problem and he does self-reflection once he does something wrong”, that's all, we can't expect life is going to treat us like the happiest person unless we practice and training our natural skill constantly, remember this; the happiest person is not like person who is doing something what they love and reject something what they hate, happy person is not always like someone who has been given a gift at his the birthday’s party, but the happiest person is like an athlete who struggles to pass the obstacles, endure pain and keep practicing until they can achieve something they deserve, that’s right direction how to be happy person, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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