Make yourself invulnerable to your dependency on comfort and convenience

Lazy person always looks for comfort and convenience

    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “make yourself invulnerable to your dependency on comfort and convenience”the reason why I choose that topic because many people work hard for their convenient job and they put their sense of dependency on it, we must realize that the world offers many unexpected temptationtemptation will happen if we don't have a big purpose and we fight against what the nature demand of usif we think there is problem in our livesthe problem is not coming from the external world, but the problem lies into our internal world, such as lack of passion, lack of curiosity, lack of integrity, lack of decisiveness, lack of ingenuity, lack of sincerity, lack of commitment, lack of consistency and lack of purpose oriented, I just want to remind that this world is not offering us the best solution how to make us happy, but this world is offering us responsibility how to endure pain or suffering, how to survive from adversity, how to solve problemunfortunately many people lack of awareness about their biggest enemy's existence, namely comfort and conveniencedo you know why I call it as the biggest enemy for human? Because it is leading human to go to the desperate zone in the futurethe source of major problem in our lives is caused by our misinterpretation about the meaning of happinessmost people consider their happiness lies in the casino, drugs, cigarette, free sex, pornographyalcohol, ecstasy, etc. Remember; those are not included in true happiness, they are part of false happiness because they can attract the evil’s power and they can harm people’s mental healthdo you know why I say such thing because false happiness is always driving people’s sense of dependence on comfort and convenience.

The Couch Potato

    Comfort and convenience can make us vulnerable to something uncertain and both of them can put us into desperate zone in the future if we are always making habit of it, we should not sacrifice our future by enjoying short term satisfaction, it is very dangerous habit because short term satisfaction can kill our potential sooner or later, if we just think our whole lives is spent in one day, we will become desperate man in the future, we must save our future by preparing something big and training some skills in order to welcome any adversity or life crisis, remember; only have a dream can delay our short term satisfaction, ease is greater threat to progress than hardship itself, if there is person can apply this strategy, I am sure he will not do something casually because he needs to pursue his dream before his dependency on comfort is growing, life is always offering tragedy, unfortunate and problem when we lack of preparedness, there is no much time to live casually for longer time, we must do something before the crisis comes to our timeline, remember about the nature’s law; if we don’t plant anything in the garden, weeds grow until the garden is completely overgrown by weeds, the meaning of that nature's law is we must take care about what we start in our life career, if we just enjoy this life without limiting the length of time, sense of negativity will dominate, such as laziness, doubt, indifferent, indecisive, fear, worry, etc. I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.