What does the impossible means to you?


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “what does the impossible means to you”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped by dogma where it doesn't teach how to reveal the truth, I just want to clarify that the impossible thing can't reveal something bigger than what we believe, if we are willing to invest something good in our lives, we must leave something we enjoy and approach something we really hatethe root cause of the problem why so many people consider the impossible thing can’t be achieved because they push their belief to fight against something bigger than themselves, there is nothing wrong about impossible, if impossible is real, our belief has not revealed something unveiled, in my opinion; only our ignorance and our limitation tells us that we can’t reveal something we don’t know, if we feel we can’t make something possible to do because we are giving up too fast and we push our lacking of data to research something it hasn’t been revealed yet, remember this; where we are today is based on our belief and our belief is accumulated by a sense of personal identity, so our personal identity is the basis to determine what we think, now let me explain why our personal identity is important, the first of all, I would like to examine about the personal issue, "many people believe the power of faith depends on religion, it is not true, religion is just bridge to connect between human's faith and God", we are today is coming from what we repeat to do, our habit is accumulated by our repeated action, so our lives is being led by our belief and repeated action,the more we repeat to do something, the more often we get a stronger impact from what we do in the past”, if we don’t have any model or reference which it can reveal the reality, our conscious mind will stop believing.

good information can represent your inner circumstance and faith can represent your ignorance

      Before you judge the impossible thing as your real conclusion, you need to know this question “why am I responding bad thing if I am not allowed to judge something I don’t know about future?, if you believe there is nothing can reveal the truth, that's means, you are believing in the worn path, it is dangerous path if you keep following it because the worn path can kill your potential, kill your hope and harm yourself as well as others, you need to take a new path first, in my opinion; before you jump into real conclusion, you need to rectify your capacity first, if you can measure your capacity, you can measure your belief system, maybe you will ask question "how to measure my capacity?", it depends on your daily ritual, if you believe impossible thing is illusion, your capacity will not limit in what you keep developing, remember this advice; your capacity is not depending with your future, but your capacity is depending by your choice, if you believe the impossible thing is real, your action will lock your identity as well as your belief system, remember this note; your decision is coming from your limitation and your limitation is coming from what you consistently do, if you think there is something wrong with your life, that means, there is something wrong with your belief, please beware of what you believe because not all you believe is true and not all what you don’t believe is fake, your belief is coming from the information you absorb in your mind, if something you learn can’t reveal about what the future looks alike, the source is fake, you need to refer to the universe’s existence if you want to know about the truth because all the universes can’t be manufactured by human’s capable hand, if your scripture can’t reveal about the universes law, means, you are misguided by the source of fake belief, in my opinion; you need to keep researching and keep curious about something you don't know until God gives you a permission how to take a new path, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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