You hold the trump card


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “you hold the trump card”, the main reason why I choose that topic not many people are willing to hold their trump card when the life crisis is coming, many of us lose focus when we can't adapt with any circumstance, we feel disturbed when there is so much unpredictable problem, remember; trump card has nothing to do with people's life experience, but it related with what people develop for solving a big pressing problem in the future's lives, in order to get trump card, we must be proactive to find information where it can be used to upgrade our skill, our trump card can be useful when we keep digging our potential at scope area we are interested it, maybe it takes many years for us to activate the trump card, we don’t need to confuse about the place where we can find our trump card, we just need to focus about what we are capable until the trump card appears by itself, here is my opinion; trump card's working principle is like the intuition, we can’t find it in our mindset except we finish to make a building blocks, means, we have passed our training in tough days, we have learned to adapt during the crisis and we can endure so much pain in long period of time, here is the special note; when our momentum of action has touched God’s plan, our trump card is working for us surprisingly and we will be directed to go to the big case as well as get unimaginable reward.

   I understand why not many people can find their trump card in the rest of their lives because they haven’t finished a building blocks, this situation can become worse when people lose their clarity of vision, if people still can't find the problem why they are  always losing the opportunity, people will be directed to learn from every problem they have met, we don't need to stay furious why we can't finish the big case in  this life, all we need to do is having strong willingness to begin, we don't need to get panic why we can't find the solution, now let me share with you about several causes why people can’t get something what they want in life, here is the first cause why people can’t get what they deserve in life; they lack the clarity of vision about what they must do and they too focus about the failure story, means, they consider living in this world as playtime, they prefer to work for getting pleasure rather than work on the goal, here is the second cause why people can’t get what they deserve in  life; they haven’t finished a building blocks, means, they don’t make time to collect the valuable information in order to guide them how to improve something doesn't work, here is the purpose of trump card; it can negotiate with the future about our preparation and it can monitor our strength, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.