6 emotional enemies inside our mind


     Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “6 emotional enemies inside our mind”, the main reason why I choose that topic because every human being has own enemy where it lies into their mind and not everyone can recognize what is the enemy looks like, basically the human’s real enemy is not like something which can be seen in the real life, the real enemy lies in the human’s emotional intelligence, that enemy often can influence human’s mind to do something through the human's daily habit, unfortunately most people don't get it clear how to recognize the human's enemy, at this moment I would like to share about 6 emotional enemies where it lies into our mind, here is the first enemy inside our mind; unclear fear / uncontrolled fear, the main reason why I say such thing because uncontrolled fear is caused by our ignorance towards our capacity, remember this note; if we don’t recognize our limitation, we will get the pain of uncontrolled fear, the more we ignore to know about our limitation, the more we receive the pain of regret, if we are making habit of it, we will prophesy ourselves to become a desperate guy in the future, if we become what we don't want to be in the future, finally our own enemy can defeat us, in order to eliminate the unclear fear, we must prepare ourselves with knowledge and some skillful expertise, here is the second enemy inside our mind; indifference, this enemy often gives us about the poor visualization to the human’s mind, the reason why we get the poor visualization in our mind because we often fuel our emotions with a short term gratification, if we are making habit of it, we don't dare to take bigger mission in this life, finally we behave indifference about what happens in this life, remember this; we will always get approached by a sense of indifference if we aren't serious to plan something ahead in our lives, in order to eliminate a sense of indifference, we must leave our past mistake in the past and learn how to treat people well with our courtesy.


   Here is the third enemy inside our mind; indecision, the main reason why we will get a sense of indecision because we always train our mind to fear about the new risk, having indecision is not good for our mind because it always offering something we don’t need to execute, so we must beware about a sense of indecision, in my opinion; we have to test our mistake whether it can invite a dangerous impact or not, we will never know the risk if we don't test ourselves, "the more we try, the more we eliminate our indecision", that's strategy how to eliminate a sense of indecisionhere is the fourth enemy inside our mind; doubt, basically this enemy often comes to our mind when we don’t have any reference to argue with it, in order to fight against this enemy, we must increase our knowledge, if we are not sure how to fight against doubt, we must leave something which it has potential to create self-doubt, remember; doubt will grow faster if we let our stupidity increasing, to eliminate it, we must sharpen our capacity over long periodhere is the fifth enemy inside our mind; worry, this is part of common mental disease, worry comes to our mind when we don’t focus on what we control, such as perception, behavior, opinion and mindset, in order to eliminate a sense of worry, we just need to focus about what we can and don't do something where it can invite a dangerous impacthere is the sixth enemy inside our mind; timidity, this is kind of enemy always lets us know about our lacking resource, in order to increase our courage, we must allow ourselves to get defeated by the game we play with and ponder why we must get defeated over and over again, basically 6 emotional enemies are designed by God to get us stronger than our imagination, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.   


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