All for one, one for all

Combine your resource puzzle to unlock your hidden potential


  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “All for one, one for all”, the meaning of that topic is we are being asked by the universe to learn deeply between our limitation and our capability, we all know that every human being has different capability and limitation, we can’t escape from our limitation although we are willing to do it and we can’t avoid from our limitation although we want to do it, we are living for one purpose, not for many purpose, that means, the power of focus is very limited, we must use our focus to do something for one purpose and we don't notice about something we don't need to know, now let me give you good example how to comprehend about the word “all for one, one for all”, one day, you have got a small accident and it obligates you to get hospitalized, then you feel pissed off about it, if you apply the concept "all for one, one for all" in your case, you shouldn't feel pissed off about your accident, just because there is something is bad for you, doesn’t mean it is bad for everyone, this message asks you not to blow your pain to other people because not all pains will end useless, you are prepared to know something you need to know, the purpose of pain is diminish your ignorance and take the lesson from a small accident, hopefully you will stay more alert about the similar accident, maybe you think all pains in this life for human being is bad, but don’t let pain is making you weaker because basically pain is designed to make you stronger than your current capacity and your current limitation, if you feel a lot of pain in your learning process, your pain is very good for all your fortune, that's the meaning of the statement "all for one, one for all".

time for money, money for facilitating what human need


   Your main duty is not complaining about your pain, but how you use your pain as the wisdom to make a better life and also you can teach other people how to use their pain to improve daily habit, unlearn from bad behavior and increase people's expertise, here is my message to you; don't let anyone else thinking your strategy is failure, just because everyone thinks your strategy is fail, doesn’t mean it is going to fail your endeavor, life is full of mysterious, life doesn’t offer good thing or bad thing, life only gives you an option to choose, if you think life is giving you a good thing, that means, your preparation and your mental training are greater than your perception, if you think life is giving you a bad thing, that means, your misconception is bigger than your mental training, I know it is not easy to deal with life because it is part of true education, you can't meet it when you are studying at formal education, remember this advice; formal education is teaching how to make you living, whereas life education is teaching how to create fortune, besides that, you can’t obtain the better outcome before your mental preparation is ready to stay focusing on one goal, all you can do is learn something you don't know, review something what you already know and let other people learn about your privilege, when you feel happy about what you learn, there is something greater coming to you and you will get true vocation from the universe to finish something great, please don’t get too excited with something you have today because tomorrow is always mysterious to you, life is not talking about your money or possessions, life is talking about finding your purpose, “just because you are financially free today, it doesn’t mean tomorrow you will be free”, that’s good mindset you need to ponder for moment, don't let your limitation is making you to stop learning, don’t let the unknown circumstance can disarray your resource, here is the most important thing you must know; being focus oriented person, not to focus about failure, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.