Four critical habits for our peace in life


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “four critical habits for our peace in life”, the main reason why I choose that topic because these critical habits can help us how to design our good future, besides that, these critical habits can strengthen our mental and it can break the obstacle which may obstruct our vision, unfortunately there are many people can’t possess these critical habits because they are too loyal with the unproductive habits where they possessed it in the past, remember this nature; there is no good circumstance or bad circumstance which can influence to the human's behavior, life is giving an option to us, there is only a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, as we know a growth mindset can’t happen automatically in this life without being developed by discipline in action, whereas, a fixed mindset can happen by default, whether we like it or not with the system, a fixed mindset really hates with a new change and it always embraces with poor habit, if a fixed mindset has not been developed yet, it will create a poor habit and a doom for human, remember this advice; once a poor habit grows, a disaster grows, all disaster is started by human's ignorance, fear and indecision, at this moment let me share something to you about four critical habits for our peace in life, here is the first critical habit we need to develop; accept only what’s true, the reason why we need to accept what’s true because it can attract the abundance of life such as peace, love, prosperity, wisdom, and temperance, we can't develop a good habit without learning from what's true and avoid what's wrong, the true information comes from the nature philosophy, the universe's law, proven knowledge and proven religion, if four of them are connected into each other, they can guarantee about our futureif we just accept the information from the untrustworthy resource, it will lead us to the misleading way, once we go directly to that path, as result, we will consume the poor quality of information from untrustworthy resource, that's not good idea because it will impact to our habit, once our habit creates a problem for us, it will bring a bad impact to our inner peace, if we feel happy about what we learn even though it contains a difficult road, that's true path, remember; only difficult road often leads us to the beautiful journey.

    Here is the second critical habit we need to develop; work for the common good, means, if what we do at work can improve our working performance and also it can bring a good impact to others, that’s proper job because it can increase our wealth, as we know a wealth comes from having a good relationship to others, as long as there is a promising happiness in our work, we must keep doing it although it is difficult, if our work can invite a short term satisfaction in our work, we must leave it because that's not good job, in my opinion; please don’t work for money only, if you work for money, your skill can’t be upgraded to the next level because money can manipulate your enthusiasm with high satisfaction, if there is a high satisfaction in your work, there is a low level in your skill set, but if you work because you follow your intuition, good ambition and natural instinct, your masterpiece will promote your career, that’s good news, remember; everything which can lead someone to do a good deed at his work, his work ethic can bring happiness for him and everything which can lead someone to fear, it is not part of good work even though someone gets high payment to do, here is the third critical habit we need to develop; match our needs and our wants with what is in our controlmatch our needs and our wants with what is in our control,  the reason why we need to match between our needs and our wants in our control because it can prevent us to buy something we don’t really need and we can enlarge the amount of money in our savings, if our habit can't match between our needs and our wants, as result, we always buy something without having an investing habit, in the end of the day, we will stay broke, remember this; just because we are financially free today, it doesn't mean tomorrow we will be free, here is the fourth critical habit; embrace what nature has in store to us, means, we can dig our potential by doing something more than what we are expecting, if we are making habit by giving more to others and expecting less from others, the world will give an opportunity to us to evolve what we create and we will get unimaginable gift from the nature because the nature's habit has united with our habits, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.   


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