Let virtue shines bright


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “let virtue shines bright”, the main reason why I choose that topic because virtue can give us guarantee about what we will receive in the future, virtue is like making the bank account for long term deposit, we can’t take the money until the due time, basically virtue is the fuel how to create a big difference result in our lifework, if we do something at work without getting fueled with virtue, we can't finish something efficiently because losing virtue at our work can create recession to our lives from time to time, working is like igniting the fire of enthusiasm to illuminate our life path and protect us from uncertainty and uncontrolled fear, if we always work and we target the money as purpose, we will never get something more from it unless we only get satisfaction, as we know together that satisfaction is part of ego, it can’t be learnt by us because ego doesn’t offer new value to human’s virtue, don’t let our job can extinguish our sense of enthusiasm because good thing won't happen when we do something with a sense of pessimism, as we can do as human is uniting between our job and our virtue, if our job rejects our virtue, that means, the job is not commensurate with our personality because that job can't grow our mental strength progressively and that job can't increase our sense of enthusiasm to do more, that’s logical reason why we need to choose a job wisely, remember; if our job can’t fuel our ambition and enthusiasm, we are in the wrong job, the best job is not offering big paycheck, but the best job is offering the problem where we are interested to solve it and we let that problem becomes our vitality, if our vitality increases, it can increase our virtue as well.


   Virtue will not do something for us if we just hope to receive more than what we can give, we can refer at the universe’s habit, “the nature gives more, the nature refuses to give up on reality although there is disaster”, that’s reason why the nature is always powerful, magnificent and indestructible because the nature believes about its virtue and its power, basically the universe is created by God to be the role model for the human’s virtue, there is always good thing happens in this world if we are willing to learn something from the universe, remember this note; the power of role model can change people’s future, so when we possess the power of role model from the universe, we can increase the quality of our virtue, I just to remind that all good things in life will not happen without we invest something good from what we learn, if we just spend our leisure to watch TV, play video games, go to the nightclub, consume drugs, alcohol, it is not part of good role model’s responsibility, instead it is part of evil role model, start from now, we must use our virtue to do something not for pleasure, but use our virtue to be good role model for other people’s lives, here I would like to let you know about what the universe does in every single day; the universe always holds its responsibility by caring what people need, work consistently for providing what human need for their life viability, the universe works 24/7, it is full of dedication, the universe never complains about its job because it always obeying Almighty God’s rule, from that good examples above, hopefully we can take good lesson from what universe does for us, we will be happy ever after if we let our virtue shinesI think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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