Never complain and never explain about your pain


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “never complain and never explain about your pain”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people can handle their pain, most of them share their pain to others because they think their pain will reduce its load by itself if the pain will be shared, remember; the pain will grow faster by sharing, if you want to relieve the pain that you suffer, don’t expect other people will do the same like what you do, but change your focus by doing what makes yourself is valuable and impact to others, such as share your good experience to others or you don't add the terrible thing to other people's lives, remember; you can't share the darkness to lighten other people's darkness, only knowledge and the truth can reduce what you suffer, not all pains can be reduced by spreading it to other people because every human has different capacity, every human has own problem since they were born, please don't add some portions on it, the problem is not about the size of the pain, but how you accustom with it with your lifestyle, if you give your pain with your focus energy on it, you will multiple it, if you give your pain with your long term mission, your pain will no longer effecting you, in my opinion; don’t focus on the root of problem you faced, but focus on what you can do for your craftnot all problems are designed to push you solving it, some problems in this life are designed by God to keep you focus and keep you developing your mission.

   The pain is like having the happiness, sometimes you can’t explain why you must feel happiness and sometimes you also don't know why you must feel pain, if you can't differentiate between your satisfaction and your happiness, that's problem in your life, basically pain and happiness are living in the same condition in your mental factory, if your ability can exceed your satisfaction, you will get happiness, if you can't overcome your satisfaction, then you will get pain, don't push other people to give what they can't because everybody has different painhere is the key how to reduce your pain; know your weakness and establish your strengthremember; doing what makes you happy doesn’t mean it will solve your problem forever, sometimes there is an inevitable pain that you don’t need to solve, an inevitable pain is God’s blessing, you can’t eliminate your pain by doing something you love to do such as picnic, you just need to focus on the game of life that you get involved with it and you finish the rule of the game of life with your ability until you finish it completely, if you quit from the game, the pain will grow faster and life will make you depressed, the word "the game of life is not doing what you love, but do what you don't love it, you must be ready when a life mission will be sent by God"the pain will be gone if you finish the game of life, once the pain is gone, the unimaginable benefit comes to you repeatedly, you don’t need to know when the pain will go away from your life, as far as I know, the pain is sent by God to help you learning something that you never learn in anywhere place, the pain will go away by itself when you increase the frequency of a give away, here is the additional advice; the momentum of new life will begin when the pain no longer hurts us, the pain will not effect to us when our mental capacity is greater than our suffering, if we don't get panic when there is something unpleasant, means, we are stronger than the problem we face, if we want a life pressure will become our captive, our feeling, action, thought and words must be aligned with our dream, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.   


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