One way to deepen self-awareness is watch other people’s behavior

You can't develop self-awareness with the crowded people

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “one way to deepen self-awareness is watch other people’s behavior” the reason why I choose that topic because many of us can’t recognize true personality, in daily life we are trained to listen the voices where it is not our own, the mostly voice is coming from media, family, distance relatives, best friend, and the newcomer’s voice, every time we want to try something new, there is always the external voice which is trying to creep in our heads and it is telling us to do something we don't really need to do, from that condition, unwittingly we are directed to choose the voices which it is opposite with our character, now I have question for you, which voice would you like to choose? External voice or internal voice, if you intend to choose external voice, you will commit to be follower of other people’s destiny, but if you intend to choose internal voice, you will find a way to deepen self-awareness, to recognize self-awareness is not easy to be dealt because you need to kick out the voices where it is not your own, remember; you can't develop self-awareness if you are surrounded with type of people who don't love to keep silent when there is sudden problem, most people can't listen their voices because they deliberately put themselves in the crowded situation, that's main problem, so if you want to listen your voice, you must do the opposite when other people can't endure in their loneliness time.

   Remember this note; the miracle’s moment in this life will happen is silence, like trees that are growing in silence atmosphere in the forest, from that nature’s philosophy, we can conclude that only silent person can listen the miracle from their own voice, if people love to be surrounded in the crowd, means, they don’t study about something important, they can’t endure a lot of pain, and they can’t stand against in their loneliness time, that’s strategy how to know most people's behavior, if people reject sense of their loneliness, they automatically get stressed and can't find a peace, now let me share to you about several benefits if you develop your self-awareness in silence mood, I hope this information can help you how to strengthen your identity and personality, here is the first benefit you will get if you are surrounded in silence; you will find peace easily and the silence mood can make you stayed away from the stress condition, do you know why? Because only stressed people can't endure what silent person does, so stressed people tend to look for the crowded in order to match between their mood and the crowded frequency, such as they go to the nightclub in the weekend, they dance with disco music, they watch TV every day, they hold party every weekend, those activities are part of what stressed people do, here is the second benefit you will get if you are surrounded in silence; you will not get the problem like what stressed people get, do you know why? Because stressed people can't hear their own voices, the root cause why people get stressed easily because they are more committed to look for entertainment, as impact, what stressed people think is always attracting the negative thought and the negative feeling, now here what people must do if they want to relieve their stress, "stop focusing about their temporary comfort and start focusing about what they can learn from their dream", I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.