Three best lesson in life; the moral, the nature and the rational


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “three best lesson in life; the moral, the nature and the rational”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone is willing to learn about three best lesson in life, besides that, not all parents can educate their children with three best lesson, so we as the next generation, we should understand not all people concern about what their deepest soul wants, so what we can learn is observe that life is not kind of playground where we can play more and work less, the life journey is like empty land, our job as human is choosing the seed that we want to plant in the empty land, if we don’t plant anything good in our empty land, weeds grow on it as consequenceweeds can be formed in many variations; like a bad habit, poor moral, and irrational thinking, here is the first thing you need to learn if you want to get new thing in life; seeking something you don't know about yourself and observe what life wantsyou can start to dig your own character by allowing yourself to create a variously mistake that you never made, ensure what you are doing doesn't consist of crime, if you get enlightened after you get a lesson from your new mistake, that what moral philosophy wants, if you always feel good and never get wrong, you never meet with your new self, if you never learn from failure, you can't succeed at what you are doing because the failure is the mother of all successesdo you know why we must learn from the moral because it is used to take care our physical and mental usage for the right purpose, in addition, our life path will be guided to the place where we never regret to get there, the moral philosophy is coming from the accumulation of universe's habits which have been adopted by the wise men and the philosophers to be taught to others, learning the moral is more important than learning from the technology because the moral can guide people to approach God's blessing, whereas, the technology is a tool to support what we want to access.

 Around 2000 years ago before technology was developed, the moral teachings had been done by some philosopher and wise men, they share what they experienced to their student about what the life really wants, here is a good news; if every human knows about their deepest soul and learn from the moral, they will meet with what life wants and they will not get hurt with regret because they prepare what the life points out about the future, remember this note; applying technology without applying a highly moral standard is going to create a disaster to every human, such as the computer virus, online illegal transaction, pornography, cyber crime, etc. If we teach our children with a highly moral, at least they can protect themselves from a bad influence, we must beware about the advanced technology because not all technologies can help people to improve their inborn skills, some parts of technologies change people’s habit after they learned from it and some parts of technologies can devalue the human's moral development, besides learning the moral, we must observe about the universe's habit, such as discipline, consistency, commitment, love, mercy, care, justice, etc. Here is a good news; If we adopt the universe's habit, we will not get hurt by reality of life because we follow God's teachings through His beloved prophets such as Muhammad (peace Be upon him), Jesus (peace be upon him), Moses (peace be upon him), etc. If we succeed to learn from the moral philosophy and the nature habits, eventually both will influence our thinking habit to form a rational decision, if our behavior, rational thinking, actions and good feeling are congruent with the reality of life, we always find a peace in everywhere although the life crisis appears in everywhere, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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