Why we must fail again and again?


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “why we must fail again and again?” the main reason why I choose that topic because many of us feel upset every time we get new failure, but in the real meaning of failure is Godsend, so if we shouldn’t give a poor reaction to failure because it is not kind of menace which may destroy our future, only poor education considers failure is used for claiming someone who failed in the test, basically every new failure is giving us two options; 1. We will be informed that there is the best lesson we will get from what we do, 2. We will get new opportunity how to obtain a new reward after we finish the adaptation process, on another word; I can say “the longer time we need to make for success, the more difficult to be copied by others, the shorter time we need to make for success, the wider opportunity for us to get failure”, so we should not consider a failure as delay or setback how to get more success, success can’t be obtained in overnight because there is adaptation process, growing process and self-maturity process, remember; if we feel our vision is still bleak and we still get a lot of failure, we must consider ourselves is like the seed where it is buried in the ground and we will be planted by Almighty God to get a nurturing process, so we can grow better in the future, failure is part of success, not the opposite of success, only failed person who always fears for not trying because he fueled his imagination with emptying mission.

Failure is the sign of work in progress

  We must realize that the future is always full of uncertaintyour job as human being is not avoiding the failure, but how we show our good attitude when we will meet with failure, if we still don’t know why we must get failure, so we should stay calm and observe about the purpose of failure and we shouldn’t avoid it, if we can avoid failure not because we master the solution, but we have passed the life test and we had the past experience about the same size of failure in the past, sometimes failure is inevitable, whether we like it or not about it, sooner or later we must be ready for getting unexpected failure, unfortunately many formal education system can’t educate to the student how to learn from failure and how to exploit the failure, as result, we will become the victim of failure and we fear about the shadow of failure rather than we fear about the real problem, basically our education system is really corrupted, we need to find someone who can exploit the failure to become a new way to success, I am sure not everyone wants to get failure because most people think failure can trap us into serious trouble if we attract it, as I shared before, failure is like Godsend, it can notify us earlier because we are going to get serious problem if we take consequence in the futureour good attitude towards failure is observe about the direction of failure and we can learn step by step from it, if we really want some helps, we can ask people who have experienced with that problem and we can learn from them, the reason why we must fail because God wants us to learn something where others don't get it, if we get failure earlier, other people will learn from our lifework in the future, all we can do right now is adapt with failure until we understand what failure demands, here is the good news; failure will not come again in the same size if we have experienced itI think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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