Your life begins by doing what you don’t want to do

Doing like the water's principle

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “your life begins by doing what you don’t want to do”, what it means, your life begins to work for you when you keep servicing what others need until it is uninterrupted, it sounds crazy enough, but it doesn't happen in the real life, instead, your life is surrounded by the abundance, not lacking, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many of us are listening what our lives wants from us, many of us just do what we think is appropriate without considering whether what we do is right or wrong for the future's life, I understand that every human has different purpose and different limitation, I just recommend you to work hard for your future, not just work hard for your job, remember this advice; if you just do something you really want, you will never meet with what your life really needs, that’s key to understand your life, basically there is different meaning between the words “work for what you want” and “work for what your life needs”, both are working in different purpose, if you work for what you want, you will get quantity and limitation, if you work for what your life wants, you will get more than you need, you will get something you never imagine, now let me explain to you, if you hear the statement “work for what you want”, means, it always needs your preparation, your capacity and your commitment, if you fail to work for what you want, finally you will endure a lot of disappointment and dissatisfied, on the other hand, if you succeed to work for what you want, you will get satisfaction and sense of pride.

Treat people well like what water treats you well

  If you hear the statement “work for what your life needs”, means, you will work for many people's problem, you commit to upgrade your survival skills until it becomes sustainable skills, you will meet with your essence of living, you will listen your intuition, you will meet new opportunity and you will get godsend in every single day, finally your life will attract abundance, not lacking, In order to work for what your life needs, you must find the information to execute what you are capable and what is your purpose in life, it sounds easy to do, but it is easy not to do because you must have strong will, at the first journey, you will see your embarrassing moment before you get something you really need, in addition, your mental capacity is going to be tested with something unpleasant, such as failure, setback, adversity, and pain, if your mental strength is okay with that, your life will do something magnificent and you will be surprising to see the outcome,  here is my opinion; if you want your life is working extremely well and extra work, you have to work like the water’s principle, it says “water keeps working and keeps giving to any creature 24/7 because water believes its service brings good value and it doesn't take any advantage from any creature,”, do you know why the water becomes one of the most powerful resource on earth because it always giving more and not taking more, if you want your life is going to teach you how to become rich person, you have to possess the water’s habit, so you have to ensure your product or service keeps flowing to fulfill what people need, you keep learning something that it can add value for your life, you keep giving your value to others and you don’t force people to give you advantage, if you are making habit of it, eventually your service will become infinite resource like the water, I think my explanation is enough hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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