How to maintain everlasting good health


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to maintain everlasting good health”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people care how to build good health, the main cause why people can’t obtain everlasting good health because they prefer to pursue a short term gratification and underestimate about a long term consequence, such as consuming alcohol, drugs, cigarette, pornography, online money game, gambling, those activities will never build the human’s good health because it is against the nature’s law, on the other word, we can call it "short term gratification always kills a longevity happiness", in order to maintain good health, we must avoid to do something which can attract a short term gratification, we must follow the nature's law like this "plant something with difficult, then reap the result later", means, we must avoid the activity which can attract a comfort and convenience, do you know why? the nature will never offer a comfort and convenience at the beginning processpeople who sell their everlasting good health by enjoying short term gratification, they will never get everlasting good health within themselves because their mentality isn't ready to adapt with difficult thing where it will happen in the future, in order to maintain good health, we must train our mental strength by enjoying something unpleasant until we get failure during adaptation, remember this; "failure is the mother of all successes because failure lets us know something we never know in our life history", as long as we avoid by doing something until we get failure, means, we fail to maintain good mentality, good health can't be obtained by enjoying what we like to do in the comfort zone, but good health can be done by doing in a long term preparation for mentality, maybe you will ask me "why we need to do something in a long term preparation?", Because it can shape good mentality, here is the note; happiness comes by having good mentality, we can't maintain good health by having bad mentality.

   If you think money can maintain good health, why there are still many rich and famous people commit suicide even though they have a lot of money? Because they only use money to accelerate their short term gratification and they don't have good mentality which it should had been built long time agoif you want to maintain everlasting good health, you have to stop doing something which can attract short term gratification and you train your habit to do something which can strengthen your mental health, such as you pursue your big dream where you must accomplish at least 5 years and you have to ensure your dream must be positive and attractive for you, during 5 years, your habit must embrace discipline, dedication, honesty, commitment, consistency, persistence, patience, sincerity, couragejusticerespectdecisiveness, etc, these are the nature’s character, maybe you will ask me “why you need to do this strategy because it is requirement how to attract more abundance in life”, as long as we follow the nature’s characters, our habit can attract self-love, self-respect, and everlasting good health, if we treat our lives better, other people will find us and treat us better because we already compel our vision to dig up our potential to serve what other people need, remember; digging up potential is like sharing kindness to yourself as well as others, when we have connected with others, we already create the universal truth in the future, universal truth vibrates the fastest among people’s reputation, people come to us not because we are having a lot of possessions, but they come to us because they like to see our potential, when other people come around to our lives, means, they have found a solution within our long term preparationif this connection is strong, it will shape good health, either in our mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, sense of happiness within ourselves is reflection from what we did something positively into our habit, if we train our habit well, our habit will direct us to do something better than today, but if we train our habit to do something worthless, our habit will demand us to do something worthless, that's the nature's habit, before bad habit appears in our lives, we have to do something exceeding our expectation and don’t let our expectation turns down our mental health because poor mental health can invite bad habit, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.