Listen what intuition wants to do with you

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “listen what intuition wants to do with you”, the main reason why I choose that topic because most people aren't willing to listen what intuition tells to them, the root of problem why most people aren't willing to listen what intuition tells to them because they surround themselves with the environment where it offers great pleasure, comfort zone and convenience, maybe you have question like this, "why should I do if I want to get intuition?" the answer; prepare your skill to face the worst condition although you don't get it, intuition is like the strong signal where it is sent by God to appreciate what we struggle for facing the uncertainty, remember; intuition will not work progressively when we stop practicing our major skills, here what I concern most; if people don’t use their time to practice what they want to complete in the future, as result, they will never find their biggest potential because they are just looking for something where it doesn’t support what their intuition wants to do with them, the power of intuition is very crucial, we shouldn’t underestimate it because intuition will do what human can’t do, we may not trust our intuition, but we can’t live without it, intuition will grow when it is cultivated every day with knowledge, courage, dedication, consistency, faith and a clear goal, do you know why we need to do that because intuition will help us to promote our position in good career and intuition also can prevent us to do something dangerous, here is the note; we can’t demand intuition to do what we love or avoid to do what we dislike, all we need to do as human is doing something where it can force us to get out from the comfort zone.


    Intuition will work at maximum level when we reject dilemma and we focus on the thing that it can dispel our insecure, worry, fear, ignorance, indecision and self-righteous, at this moment, let me share something to you about several signs that we need to do if we want intuition works with us, here is the first sign that we need to do if we want intuition works with us; we shouldn’t fear of trying and we shouldn’t fear about a new risk or mistake because our lives will be worthwhile if we create that we never make it, the reason why we need to do this strategy because intuition has no direction, we need to lead our intuition to the journey where we can practice our skill and show our life design to the intuition, after that we can let intuition to guide us something within our habit, "when we commit to form intuition within our life journey, intuition will shape our habit", that's it, intuition will not show something magnificent to us when we love to procrastinate what we are going to do in the future, remember; intuition is like a blind man, but he can forecast what we will become in the future, as human, we don’t need to ask the intuition’s credibility whether we need to believe it or not with its strength, but what we need to do as human is doing what most people don’t do and do what makes you inconvenience, here is the second sign that we need to do if we want intuition works with us; do what you think is difficult for other people to do but it is not difficult for you, if we succeed to utilize the power of intuition within us, there is nothing impossible to do, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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