We all have 2 choices in life


     Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “we all have 2 choices in life”, the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone doesn't know about what they want in life, even though they have been offered with many opportunities, they still can't choose because they got afraid with consequence, the root of problem why they got feared because their mindset has been fueled with great satisfaction, convenience, instant process, guarantee and short term goal, their mind has been trained during upbringing, the reason why most people keep struggling to get attention from other people by talking about what they have and talking about why they must have something because they just look for something to be proud of , it is totally opposing with what life demands of us, the key to make a better life is not to look for the world’s content, such as money, compliment, possessions, authority, reputation, fame, business and partnership, those are the end result, not kind of the procedure how to fulfill what life demands of us, if we want to make a better life is having courage to do something we fear most, such as pursuing the potential, staying committed to design good personality, chasing the dream, helping people to solve problem, at this moment, let me share about 2 choices we need to choose in this life, the first choice we can make is to be less than what we have in the unlimited potential access, the meaning of that statement is we don't have long term purpose to be pursued because we prefer to have less important target because it is convenience and less risk.


      Remember this; if we haven’t set long term purpose, we have no motivation to do something great, having intention is the most important thing, we can’t train our mental capacity by giving the entertainment because it can decrease our potential strength, the reason why we can’t give our mental capacity with many entertainments because it against the nature’s characteristic, here are the nature's characteristic; discipline, commitment, consistency, resilient, dedication, progressively more difficultas we know that the nature’s characteristic is way different than people’s characteristicif we just do something easier and have short term goal, our lives will not get better because it is easy to do, sometimes we need to taste failure more often than we usually get, that's strategy if we want to know about what the life demand of us, The second choice we can make is to be able to do more than what we have in the unlimited potential access, the meaning of that statement is we are curious about our true potential, so we need to challenge ourselves by doing more than what we always do in daily activity, we need to set a long term goal in order to get unlimited potential access, remember; we will never get true potential if we have set short term goal (less than 1 year), we must brave enough to challenge our mental strength by doing something extraordinary which can impact many people’s lives in the future, we aren’t allowed to stay casual anymore if we want to pursue the unlimited potential because it will affect to our emotional strength, before we are unable to attract the unlimited potential, we need to train hard until the game of life is finished, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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