What are you so afraid of losing?


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “what are you so afraid of losing?” the main reason why I choose that topic because most of us are not ready when we are faced with reality, the main cause why we are not ready yet to face reality because we lack of preparation of skills, knowledge, wisdom, and endurance, most of us prefer to stay away from problem rather than join with it, in fact, God grants us with unlimited potential in order to overcome the problem as much as we want, every problem will strengthen our mentality, once we have strong mentality, we will not fear of losing because we are always ready to accept something new from God, here is the note; "what is coming us is better than what is leaving us", that's nature's law, if we worry about what is leaving us, we waste our power for meaningless purpose, basically afraid of losing is part of unfair attitude, do you know why? Because we haven't got enough feel grateful with something we receive from God, we shouldn't behave such thing because that behavior shows as if we were underestimating about God's potential, being afraid of losing is caused by lack of sincerity, we must realize everything in this world belongs to God, we aren't authorized to own this world, we just need to utilize God's wealth for the right purpose, if we are busy doing something which can't make us valuable, that’s our mental problem, at this moment, let me share something to you about the main problem what are you so afraid of losing, here is the first cause what are you so afraid of losing; you are living too casual with something you accomplished and your life depends on something available around you, maybe you will ask me “is there something wrong if I am living casually and depend with something available?” yes, it is wrong because living casually will affect to your mental growth and your potential will decrease its power because you lack of use it for greater purposeif you just focus on what you have right now without learning something new, you will lose your independence skill where it can save your future, you must know which parts should be left by you and which part should be done by your role.


   Got afraid of losing is equal with being afraid of death, we shouldn't behave such thing, do you know why? Because life is full of surprises, we don't have much time to care towards what causes us losing, as long as there is a problem, there is always something lost within us, there is nothing we can do if we are facing something lost because it is part of nature, when there is lost, there is evolution as successor, (other word of the lost represents crisis), if we spend our time to seek something during crisis, our time of death will open wider, here is the second cause what are you so afraid of losing; you don't care about your future for the sake of enjoying something instant in short period of time, the reason why I say such thing because most of the time the instant enjoyable always make our power of focus lost, if we sell our future for the sake of enjoy something instant, we will never feel grateful about what we get, that’s bad attitude where it comes around to type of human who has no plan for his future, remember; a man who has empty dream always dedicates himself to become the world pleasure lover, we must beware that everything in this world will leave us because every world's pleasure is mortal, we will never get peace in mind if we control what leaves us, in order to heal our mind from the world pleasure lover, we must train our mind to let go what we love and sell our potential to solve problem as much as we can, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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