6 questions how to find out what you want in life?


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “6 questions how to find out what you want in life” the main reason why I choose that topic because not everyone knows about what they want in life, most people prefer to do what they love and avoid what they hate without knowing the consequence, that’s part of self-delusion, if people repeat what they always do in daily activity, they will never more than they are nowin order to locate what we want in life, we must prepare what life requires from us first, if we don't prepare what we learn, our life journey tends to get stuck between dilemma and fantasy, that's terrible, remember; a better life will happen when there is a better question, do you know what is the reason? A better question can lead people to improve new lens of understanding and they can gain the process of growing and learning, if people keep asking with a lousy question, they definitely get a lousy answer, besides that, better question can help people to change their perspective, if their perspective changes, their lives will improve, at this moment, let me share something about strategy how to find out what you want in life through the critical of seven questions, here is the first question how to find out what you want in life; what would I wish if there is no single person supports me?, this question can lead you to be creative person, your action will lead to be mature person because you do not fear of making a new mistake and you are willing to take own responsibility, it is okay there is no single person support you as long as you don’t doubt about what you do and you keep improving what you can do in your daily activity, that’s more than enough, a better life will happen when you make an initiative action and take personal risk, here is the second question how to find out what you want in life; what would I do with my life if money wasn’t an issue?, this question can lead you how to make a good service in order to adapt with uncertainty of life, remember this; money is just an effect to be given to right person's action, if you can do what money can't solve, your service will get paid well and you will be pursued by money, that’s part of a big investmentmoney is just part of the smallest investment in the world, make sure you focus how to upgrade your skill until it can become your biggest magnet where it is used to attract more money.


     here is the third question how to find out what you want in life; what things would I like to experience if I had no fear?, this question can lead you to gain a new skill, new knowledge and new wisdom, I understand that everybody has own fear, but we shouldn’t let a sense of fearfulness can block new opportunity where it can happen to our lives frequently, we will never know what would happen to our experience in the future, our main job as human being is prepare a new skill, share the goodness and offer a good service to others, here is the fourth question how to find out what you want in life; what kind of accomplishment I want to complete? This question can lead you how to prepare new skill and set a long term target as life mission, if you apply this question to test your life, your curiosity level will grow and it can lead your life to be worthwhile for you as well as others because you study a lot and offer your potential to the future, here is the fifth question how to find out what you want in life; what kind of contribution can represent me for the next 100 years later? This question is very powerful among another question because this critical question can keep you pondering about your limited time, if you can contribute something valuable when you aren’t always around with it, as result, your contribution will be remembered by others who use it forever, here is the sixth question how to find out what you want in life; what kind of problem that I need if I want to get luck from this world? This question will let you entering into a new life transition, it is like a butterfly is born from cocoon, the more problem you need as the reference to be learned, the more you get a luck in the process of understanding, this question is very phenomenal because it can break your old mindset as well as it can change your life rapidly, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.