Every problem has the expiration date


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “every problem has the expiration date”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people are too concerned about the problem they have, they just consider problem will never end, in fact, every problem has the expiration date, as human being, we don’t need to know when the expiration date for the problem is ended, what we can do is how to work on the problem, leave a legacy to others until our service is no longer used, problem is the program from Almighty God where it is used by Him to educate us how to be qualified person, not all people have been granted with big problem because problem itself is part of godsend where it is sent to person who has passed the qualifications, people can’t finish the problem a long as they don't prepare their qualification to be tested with adversity, that’s requirementif you get problem that you don’t plan to get it, that’s part of godsend, you should be thankful for the problem you have now because your qualifications have been tested, besides that, God only grants something great to human who are willing to prepare themselves as God's channel, remember this; problem will not end as serious problem if you know how to overcome it, but if you can’t overcome the problem even though you assume it can be done by your creativity, the problem lies within you, basically God will not give a problem to human who can’t handle it well, that’s God’s grace, problem is designed to increase human’s skill, if people who don't want to prepare their qualifications well, they will not get a Godsend from Almighty God, instead, they will get another problem where it can burden their peaceful heart.

a good product has the expiration date, problem has the same value as a good product's qualification


  Here is my opinion; if you feel exhausted about the problem you have now, don’t consider problem like a contagious disease, but you should assume the problem you have now as vitamins pills where it has the expiration date, you must consume your vitamin pills before the expiration date is coming, don't be afraid with problem, problem isn't intended to kill human, except it can multiply human's competence skill, problem is not having same value with disaster, problem is Godsend, whereas, disaster is part of Human's misbehavior, it is all about mindset, if you think problem as a contagious disease, you will feel suffer from now, if you think problem as vitamin pills, you will be happy because problem will help you to fix your habit and strengthen your qualification, everything in this life has expiration date, such as flower, health, prosperity, problem, disease, sickness, satisfaction, suffering, if we are granted by God with problem, it means, our capacity is more superior than the capacity of the problem, problem will not end by itself, except it would be gone if we show our dedication and commitment to solve it, if we increase our productivity, improve our personality, enrich our knowledge and we are making it as daily habit, I am sure all problems will not hit us anymore because our capacity is bigger than problem, remember this advice; we can't pick up the problem as we desired, but problem can choose us, as human being, we shouldn't protest about the problem we receive because it has been determined and ruled by God, if problem chooses us, it means, our capacity is bigger than problem itself, Almighty God grants problem to us based on what we habitually do in daily, that's it, now our job that we can do every day is fuel the mind with knowledge, wisdom, experience, skill, positive thought, help others to solve problem, wealth is accumulated by the problem we solve, the more problem we receive, the more we are granted by wealthI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.