How can you stay focused?


    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how can you stay focused?” the main reason why I choose that topic because the power of focus can help human to achieve great thing in the human’s life story, besides that, the power of focus can help human to avoid the negative feeling which is caused by the fear of unknown, at this moment let me share some strategies how you stay focused on what you want though there are many distractions which it tries to interrupt your inner peace, here is the first strategy how you can stay focused on what you want; remove distractions, it means, you need to stay away from the source of distractions, maybe you can turn off your cellphone, turn off TV, block the social media’s notification, remember; your focus needs a strong will and your clarity of vision, for the preventive action, you must remove your willingness for moment and start to focus about what your life needs to keep sustainable, before your attention gets caught with any distraction, you can say to yourself; "not all what I notice can become my daily necessity and not all distractions around me can feed my life", you can repeat this instruction, here is the second strategy how you can stay focused on what you want; make time for focused thinking, it means, you need a strategic plan before you put your focus into something you don't really need, don't let your focus gets dangled freely with the object you don't really need, you need to practice your focused thinking by visualizing the clearest object you want, do the repetition at least 30 second and ask yourself "What the future needs from me?" or "what kind of service the future demands me to provide it?"


     Here is the third strategy how you can stay focused on what you want; keep item of focus before you lose your concentration, before you lose your concentration, you need to collect some items which can make your focus grows periodically, such as book, podcast, PDF file, motivational video, a vision board, it is easy to lose our concentration while we want to do something better in our career, but if we let our focus loses its power again and again, we will lose the momentum of how to be focused thinker, here is the fourth strategy how you can stay focused on what you want; set goals, it means, you need to arrange your major focus to the clearest goals, maybe short term goal, midterm goal and long term goal, remember; your biggest attention will determine what you prioritize in the future, if you put your biggest attention to any distractions, as result, you will get what you don't want, but if you put your biggest attention to one goal that you need to develop it, as result, you will become what you deserve, here is the fifth strategy how you can stay focused on what you want; question your progress, it means, you mustn’t overlook reality even though you commit to be productive person, reality is part of your goal manifestation, if you question your progress, you will not do the same thing as yesterday's result and you will not get satisfied easily with yesterday's accomplishment, if your satisfaction is bigger than your biggest curiosity, your sense of creativity will die, if your biggest curiosity leads you to keep learning and enliven your enthusiasm, your creativity will kill your satisfaction, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.  


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