How to live a beautiful life


  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to live a beautiful life”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people spend their major time to live into other people’s lives without having enough courage to plan for their own future, the main problem why most people can't design a beautiful life because they haven't enough faith to do thatif they keep doing something without hinges on faith, the result would not change at all, "if there is no faith, the whole life would be boring because we knew everything before we went into it", the human's problem which happened in this life is not coming from people’s lifestyle, it comes from lack of direction because they fueled their own life journey with convenience, comfort and satisfaction, if we have no right direction for managing our limited time, how we can lead our lives to do something we want, it is impossible to do, right? remember this note; we will never get happiness if we can't manage 24 hours for efficient and effective work, we must fulfill what the future wants before we get the manifesting result from what we design for the future, life doesn't demand us to do something for what money wants because the money's circulation is unlimited, whereas, we have a limited time, life doesn't want to force us to work for the unlimited resource because life knows we have a limited time, life only demands us to do something enlightened every day, such as do good deeds, study, solve problem, daily practice for the spiritual growth, the main reason why we need to do something enlightened because it can empower our mindset, we must know that a beautiful life starts from having a beautiful mind, life will not manifest something to us if we don't develop a beautiful mind, if we have a beautiful mind, we can create a masterpiece, here is the good news; by having a masterpiece, our service can serve something big for usa beautiful life will show something to us if money doesn’t demand us to do something we don’t want, a beautiful life will show something to us if our service or our masterpiece can become the biggest contribution for the whole world, it is not easy to create a masterpiece because we need to develop a beautiful mind first for several years, besides that, masterpiece will not manifest by itself if people keep thinking about profit only, that is common mistake where most people have.


  There are two things how to live a beautiful life; the first thing we need to do if we want to live a beautiful life; we use our physical effort and a limited time to create a masterpiece in leisurethe second thing we need to do if we want to live a beautiful life; we don’t do something for money, but we can fulfill what money demands, that's strategy how to live a beautiful life, we need to have a tight schedule if we want to draw a beautiful life, here I just want to remind you; what you offer for the future is the most crucial part rather than what you have recently because your offering will determine what you prophesy yourself in the future, if you just offer energy and time to get more money in your career, the future just gives you money but it doesn’t offer you opportunity to get longevity happiness, do you know why? Because money can’t leverage your energy and your time, remember this advice; money can work all the times, but we can’t work all the times because we are not having enough time to work all the times for money, if we are making habit to work for money, a beautiful life will not happen to us because we are unable to exchange our energy and time to fulfill what money wants continuously, we must realize time is limited and energy is unlimited, if we can’t use our limited time to do something we want because our time and energy is not congruent with what life demands of us, so we will never get what we want if we are pushing our limitation to serve something big for money, there are many precious thing which lies into our time, such as health, family time, sleeping time, spiritual growth, hobby, etc. The key to create a beautiful life is leverage our knowledge until it creates wide perception for us, if we don’t prepare something for what money demands of us, we will be forced by money to work for it all the times, the reason why I say such thing because our time is limited, so we need to make some contributions or technical assets to represent our existence, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck. 


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