How to recognize the importance of realistic thinking?



    Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “how to recognize the importance of realistic thinking?” the main reason why I choose that topic because many people underestimate about the power of realistic thinking, the root of problem why they behave such thing because what they pursue is unrealistic target and they override how they can realize their target in details before it will turn into reality, we call it as "inflexible planning", unfortunately not everyone realizes that realistic thinking can become a best friend when they are facing the problem alone, the function of realistic thinking is helping everyone to execute between unrealistic plan and realized target in reality, at this moment, let me share something to you how to recognize the importance of realistic thinking, hopefully these several tips can improve your learning ability and help you how to adapt with uncertainty of life, here is the first tip how to recognize the importance of realistic thinking; develop an appreciation of truth, it means, everyone must prepare what they can do before they will receive something from the truth, sometimes their mental strength isn't ready once they stumble over the truth, as human being who know nothing, we must appreciate what we receive from truth by progressing our craft continuously until we are ready to face the terrible thing in reality, if we want to get something magnificent, we must develop what the truth gives us, such as we welcome problem with wholeheartedly and we solve it with our crafts, we increase self-awareness by learning from other people’s experience, sometimes we feel living like in the hell once we start something, that’s truth, if we don't challenge us to do something what we can, life will will challenge us to do what injures uswe can't build the future with comfortable feeling and inflexible mind because the future has inflexible system, we must adapt ourselves with what future demands without neglecting what we can do in our craft.


    Here is the second tip how to recognize the importance of realistic thinking; do your homework with your capacity, it means, you must do something as if your service would be used by most people in the future, unfortunately most people don’t want to do their future's homework because they think every day there is no different than the past most days, here is a good news; if we challenge ourselves to do homework even though there is no demand from others, our realistic thinking will grow rapidly and it can help us to solve problem even though we are not ready to solve it, remember this advice; there is no single person can predict when they are ready to face challenge, adversity, affliction, or death until we get through it, what we can do as human is prepare our legacy as if it would be our final job on earth, here is the third tip how to recognize the importance of realistic thinking; picture the worst case scenario, it means, we need to prepare our mentally while we face the worst case scenario, that's suffering test, the essence of suffering test is helping us to discover the realistic thinking, examine what went wrong about our past and be ready to welcome new problem, there is no single person can avoid the worst case scenario until they are willing to adapt with it, so we shouldn’t hate about the worst case scenario because it is requirement how to get good scenario from the futureif we train our mind to be realistic person all the time, there is no fear or worry can stay inside our mind because we have adapted with suffering test, here is additional note; there is no real obstacle in life until we put it there, only realistic thinking can overcome that obstacle, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.


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