The power of optimism in life

  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “the power of optimism in life”, the reason why I choose that topic because not many people can unlock the power of optimism, the root of problem why people can’t activate the power of optimism within themselves because they often absorb the negative influence from the irresponsible informant, such as Television, community, basically the power of optimism will not come automatically without we discipline our habit, mind and heart to commit with the long haul, there is another factor why people can't unleash their power of optimism because they put their biggest attention to their incapability and limitation, remember this; if we really want to recognize the power of optimism, we must narrow down our largest focus to stay in our capability where it offers inner peace periodically, that’s requirement, the power of optimism will not be active easily as long as we don’t focus into what we do in daily basis, at this moment I would share several tips how to unleash the power of optimism in human’s life, here is the first tip you must do how to feel more optimistic; express your deepest sense of gratitude for what you have and don't judge something bad for what you don't have, it means, the power of optimism in your life depends on your gratitude level, if you feel pessimistic with what you have now, as impact, you won’t be happy with what you will have tomorrow, that’s rule, please don’t exchange your temporary dissatisfaction with your longevity optimism because the circumstance will create a sense of hatred to your feeling, you can put your mind off from the disarray thinking to the source of enlightenment, such as reading book, listening podcast, consulting with psychologist, here is the additional note; if we think life is always disappointing us, it is caused by our deepest hatred and we create higher expectation to something we can't change.


  Here is the second tip you must do how to feel more optimistic; reframe every negative events into the priceless lesson, it means, if you see something contradicted with the truth, you must not follow what other people behave wrongly even though there are many people have made it as the daily ritual, for example; even though there is Corona Virus (COVID-19) around us, we still focus to do what we can, such as we plan something for our dream, we plan how to manage financial issue, as long as we keep our nutritious food consumption, we keep the cleanliness and we focus to the important area we want to study there, there is nothing to worry about that Corona virus (COVID-19), if we just follow what the majority of people feel, our lives will get bad effect too, in my opinion; it is easier to leave people who behave wrongly rather than we leave our own bad habit, let the past becomes our priceless lesson, if we can take any lesson from our past, our negative feeling will move away, remember this advice; there is no better lesson in life rather than seeing other people who had made big mistakes in the past, we shouldn’t repeat big mistakes where other people had already made in the past, that’s strategy how to prevent us from bad behavior, here is the third tip you must do how to feel more optimistic; surround yourself with positive input, it means, you must encircle yourself with something you really need in life, such as good people, good environment, Napoleon Bonaparte said "if you can't conquer the environment, you must create your environment", I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.