What you need to focus on?


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “what you need to focus on?”, the main reason why i choose that topic because not everyone can master the power of focus, the root of problem why they can't focus to what they do in career because they lack of priority management skill and also their focus has been scattered into several things, so basically most people don't have intelligence problem, they just lack of being self-mastery, at this moment, i would share several tips how to manage the power of focus, hopefully it can increase your self-mastery, here is the first tip what you need to focus on; focus on your purpose, it means, you have to know about what your top daily necessity and what makes you is being waited by life's demand, life is full of uncertainty, so it would better that you put your major attention into small thing where it can increase your credibility and reputation, when you focus on something details, your energy will flow to where your focus goes and it will affect to your perception and creativity, I just to remind you that you must keep your focus grows by removing the distractions around you, such as internet, cell phone, TV, chit chat with friend, social media, etc. Here is the second tip what you need to focus on; physical strength, it means, you must keep your body healthy because it has main role to support what you do, your focus will create enormous power when your body is health, your focus will not work at maximum when you are sick, so physical strength is great asset, Here is the third tip what you need to focus on; mental wellness, it means, if you want your focus grows, you must let go of what you love and what you hate in your present moment because it will help you to diminish the mental suffering, maybe you need to meditate around 5 minutes, or you can do the spiritual activity for reviving your mood, remember; emotional content is like the navigation where it can help you to locate what you focus on, when you master your patience, you can master everything.


 Here is the fourth tip what you need to focus on; less stress, it means, you must know about your capacity and where your enthusiasm goes, don't let your job can make you stressed, remember this advice; if your job makes you stressed, you are in the wrong job, the right job will not make you stressed, instead, your job can reveal everything you need to promote your skill and your creativity to the outer world, you don't need to promote yourself to others, you just let your lifework will work for your future, if you work for your lifework, other people will remember your service even though they don't know your name or personality, but if you work for other people's dream, other people will remember your mistake even though you want to forget it, every human is a tool in the eye of God, don't expect for other people strength, but facilitate what other people need, that's strategy can make you less stress, Here is the fifth tip what you need to focus on; simplifying life, it means, don't try to something where your soul and your intuition isn't going there together, you just need to do what you can and forget what other people can, life would be easier and simpler when you fulfill your destiny first and then help others, here is the sixth tip what you need to focus on; your goal, the clearer your goal, the more your focus pursues it, it would better if you can classify your goal into several things, daily goal, monthly goal, yearly goal, if you can master your focus, you can block the negativity, here is the seventh tip what you need to focus on; your blessings, it means, you must appreciate what God grants something to you, such as health, creativity, family, enthusiasm, if you focus on your blessings, your blessings will open the rare opportunity for you and give you more than you deserve, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.