Why we must avoid popular thinking?

Popular thinking is creating self-resistance

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “why we must avoid popular thinking?” the main reason why I choose that topic because popular thinking can’t guide everyone how to be rational thinker, besides that, popular thinking tends to ensure people feel comfortable and not to try being unique person from time to time, at this moment, I would share several reason why we must avoid popular thinking, hopefully it can help you to educate yourself how to be rational thinker and know how to adapt with reality, here is the first reason why we must avoid popular thinking; because popular thinking is guiding us how to be mediocre thinker, it means, popular thinking doesn’t want us to be different and popular thinking will not help us to recognize the problem we are facing, that’s why not everyone prefers to show their high performance skill because they don’t like thinking hard, in order to think hard, people need to possess unpopular thinking such being a unique person and do something where most people don't notice it, it would be harder for mediocre person to do it, as we know that many people want to live life the easy way, but unfortunately they don’t want to do the hard work of thinking or pay the price for success, if they are keep doing it, their lives will no different than 5 years ago, remember this; when people just follow the trend, they are not thinking, here is the second reason why we must avoid popular thinking; because popular thinking offers a false hope, it means, popular thinking is just offering the fantasy thinking to everyone and the popular thinking will separate us from doing good thing in reality, that’s bad news if it would happen in our future, don’t let popular thinking fools us again.

Popular thinking is not educating people, it is just lowering the human's potential


  Here is the third reason why we must avoid popular thinking; because popular thinking slows to embrace change, it means, popular thinking only thinks about the status quo, popular thinking doesn’t teach human how to adapt with the midlife crisis or how to solve insurmountable problem, popular thinking is made to remove a sense of worry for temporary and promote the popular interesting topic without caring whether any positive side or not, here is the fourth reason why we must avoid popular thinking; because popular thinking brings the average result, it means, popular thinking ensures that everybody has a mediocre living without self-improvement, so basically popular thinking is not responsible about the human's future and popular thinking just entertains people without promoting new information which may help people to solve their own problem, remember this; popular is equal with the normal living without self-education, if we just live on earth without self-education, the disaster will sweep everything good and there is no more bright future, here is the note; before we limit our success by adopting popular thinking whom mediocre people’s mind, we must challenge ourselves by making some achievements which may help us to create a new future, at this phase, we will face uncomfortable feeling because we will face many rejections and failure, I am sure not many people agree that the bright future comes from relentlessness pursuit of progress, but in reality, having relentlessness drive can create the powerful insight of future, here is the last note; the purpose of popular thinking is making us comfort and tend to ensure what we do is having a less risky and less difficult, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.