Getting over rejection? Prepare something before you are ready to get rejected


   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Getting over rejection? Prepare something before you are ready to get rejected”, the main reason why I choose that topic many people aren’t ready to get rejection from what they desire, some people try to get over rejection by learning something they never learn, but after several times of doing things done, they still get rejection, now my question is “what causes people get rejection, do they create the same standard of quality or do they offer something without knowing who will receive that offering?, remember; if people get rejected from their preparation, it doesn’t mean people just do something wrong, sometimes the future is not ready to accept people's preparation because there is no demand has been created before, here is the note; fulfilling new created demand is more difficult rather than fulfilling existing demand, the key how to get over rejection is increase your new created demand to your capacity and you keep focusing to increase the capacity of investments to yourself, e.g. knowledge, unpleasant experience, habit of studying, determination, adversity, etc. here is the mindset you need to take; “every rejection is accumulating your greatest gift and your daily problem is part of your progressive learning to God's will”, so if you can’t accept your problem, other people will give you a difficult situation and a perplexed task, remember; pleasure doesn’t equal with accomplishment, if you focus how to get pleasure only from this world, you will not be able to survive for longer time because pleasure doesn’t give you self-promotion to the next level of career. 

  You should be glad when you can receive rejection every time you attempt of something that you never knew before, if you accept rejection, that's means you don’t reject the gift from God, "there is no a man or woman can give you rejection, pleasure, risk or suffering because you compete with your own future, once you reject unpleasant treatment from reality, your mind will produce power of negativity, so I don’t recommend you to reject a gift even though it seems unrelated with what you need in life, God knows more than you and He doesn’t leave you alone with the problems you have now, rest assured, God gives you unpleasant truth because you are ready to receive higher rewards, please don’t judge wrong if you don’t understand why you get rejection, if you still prepare your best skill and you still get rejection, that’s means, you succeed to get over the previous rejection and you get self-promotion to get the higher level of rejection, here is the mindset you need to take; “every rejection is a new currency to upgrade your knowledge”, that’s mysterious value you don’t get if you don’t get rejection, here is the last note; if you are accepted to the one level of promotion, that’s means, you aren’t ready to overcome higher level of rejection, as impact, your life journey will get stuck in the same standard because you are accepted to the same quality of standard where your position recently, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.