Common symptoms of depression

Depressed expression

  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic “Common symptoms of depression”, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people still can’t recognize what makes them depressed, "many people think what they buy with their money can be the remedy for their soul and also can prevent them from getting depression", it is the incorrect statement, if people think money can be the remedy for their soul, why there are still a lot of people are unhappy and some people do the suicidal attempt when they meet with critical problem, from this particular situation, we can conclude the major cause of depression is not coming from the lack of satisfaction or the lack of money, but the major cause of depression is coming from the degree of expectation, the more often people expect something bigger than what they can do for their capacity, the more impact people get suffering from what they expect, as long as people don't make any progress, a sense of depression will always appear into reality, the key how to heal ourselves from common symptoms of depression is we don't increase the negative bias from our imagination, if we meet with the negative bias, it indicates that our capacity is not ready to endure more challenge from life's uncertaintyif we think what we target is too big to achieve, we can make it lower a bit and we can make daily target to make us easier to execute the target, from my own experience, symptoms of depression often comes from a repetitive misleading tradition, if you ask me where misleading tradition comes, it comes from ego and self-righteousness, remember this; tradition will never change people's life as long as people consider their tradition only can fulfill their biggest satisfaction, when the old tradition can't productive positive energy in every single day, it will become a repetitive misleading tradition”, if you feel your life doesn't change drastically as you hope, it indicates that your tradition can’t survive at the time you are growing in the future, so you must leave your old tradition by accepting new perception or idea from the successful people or people who have passed a difficult situation, as long as your activity stops your passion of learning and can't renew your tradition, as impact, the symptoms of depression is always waiting you

Depression is tied by wrong habit

 Do you know why we need to renew our tradition and limitation by learning every day? Because life will plan to shut our vision once we stop learning, once we stop learning, we start to kill our chance for building a better life, here are the powers we need to possess if we want to renew our tradition; progress, equanimity, willingness to endure pain, extreme curiosity, passion of learning, enthusiasm and knowledgeif what we do now can’t offer something new to us, as impact, tomorrow will not manifest the result like we hope, here is the bad news; if our activity can't offer big impact in the long term journey, our habit will create a retrograde step and our life will get symptoms of depression from the unknown circumstance, our main job as human is not changing reality, but our main job is how to make reality follows our visionary, now my question “why common symptoms of depression can exist into reality? Because many of us are not willing to fulfill the future's demand, if our habit and tradition can attract negativity bias easily, it indicates our mindset isn't qualified to fulfill life's demand, remember this advice; don't let our fear of failure is greater than our enthusiasm of evolving, the reason why we must practice our body, mind and heart not to fear of failure because it really matters to change situation, mindset, and habit, here is philosophy you need to ponder; "if there is no failure, there is no progress, if there is no progress, there is no learning process, if there is no learning process, our future is going to backtrack, if our future backtracks, our daily activity makes us depression"there is no such failure in this life as long as we don't stop trying, failure is just trying to reroute to better direction, in order to get peace, we need to let our preparation fails in order to welcome God's grace, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.